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Filipinos Held A Food Truck Event at SoHo Food Park

S. F. Mori

It was good food and good company

Eating area at Soho Food Park(Image is author's)

There is a good group of immigrants and their descendants from the Philippines who live in Utah. They are a very small percentage of the population, but they make their presence known by being civically minded and engaged. They promote their heritage as well as their citizenship in the United States.

Filipinos are involved in various Asian American events. They participate in their communities and are involved. They recently held a Food Truck Event at the SoHo Food Park in Holladay, Utah.

The SoHo Food Park was established in 2015. It is an outdoor restaurant area where four to six food trucks are there to provide food for sale. They are assigned on a rotating basis. A schedule is on their website showing which trucks will be there on certain days. Their normal schedule runs from May through September. They schedule trucks on Thursday through Saturday evenings with occasional special events.

During the summer months, there is a very popular permanent stand which sells shaved ice. They also provide a Farmer's Market stand which sells fresh fruits and vegetables in season as well as other products.

Although the SoHo Food Park is not open now for regular business, they are having Saturday morning brunches where several food trucks will be available. They occasionally schedule various special events. The Filipino food truck event was held on Saturday, September 16. It brought out a good crowd which enjoyed good food and good company on a nice weather day.

The location of the SoHo Food Park is at 4747 Holladay Boulevard E. in the Holladay area.

Their website says they promote great food, good vibes, good music, and good company. They are dog friendly and welcome families.

One of the food trucks at the event(Image is author's)

Crunchy Munchy was one of the food trucks which participated in the Filipino Food Truck Event. the wait was sometimes long at the vendors, but people did not seem to mind.

It was a chance to eat some good food, enjoy good company, and support some small business owners at the same time.

There may be occasional special events where food trucks will be available at SoHo Food Park. Look forward to May when the food trucks will return on a regular basis or you can go by for brunch on Saturday mornings for the time being.

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