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The City Creek Road is Back To Normal After a Horrific Crash

S. F. Mori

The next day in Salt Lake City
Car recovered from City Creek Canyon(Image is author's)

Residents who live near the road which turns off 11th Avenue down City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah, may have seen the commotion in that area late on Wednesday night, September 15, 2021. They most likely did not know what had happened or what was happening. There were dozens of police and fire vehicles with a few ambulances on the road above and on a service road below. They all left around midnight except for a few police cars which appeared to have stayed through the night.

We and some of our neighbors watched as flashlights were seen going back and forth over the hillside. The people with flashlights were obviously searching for someone or some thing. A helicopter arrived to circle the area and shine lights over the hillside.

The next morning we heard about the horrible crash that had happened. A car had not made the turn and went down the hill where the road ended. There was a tow truck, a fire engine, and several police cars on the upper part of the road. We could not see anything on the hillside out of the ordinary except a few people standing around. Then what remained of a white car was pulled out of the bushes far down the hill from where it left the road above. It was later reported that it was a Tesla, but it did not look like a car at all. The wrecked vehicle was slowly pulled up the hill to the waiting tow truck.

After the car was taken away and the police and fire vehicles also left, it was hardly noticeable that a horrific crash had happened there the previous night. The guardrail where the car left the road was taken out, but little else looked different. Dragging the car up to be towed away did not make the hill look unusual.
A car crashed through the guardrail at the top of the hill(Image is author's)

A barrier of white boards was later placed at the end of the road where the guardrail had been. Little else was different than normal on the hillside. It was difficult to tell that the wreckage of a car had been pulled through the dirt and dry grass up the hill. It would not be obvious to anyone who was not aware of the crash.
A white wood barrier was placed at the opening(Image is author's)

By mid-morning the road had been reopened. Cars moved down one side with foot traffic and bicycles on the other side. People were walking along the road which had been returned to normal. There was little evidence of the chaos of the tragic crash which had just occurred there.
People were back to driving and walking on the street(Image is author's)

Within a day or two, there was no visible sign that there had been anything out of the ordinary on that road. People likely had no idea that a crash had occurred there
A group of Army personnel walked along the road(Image is author's)

As we were looking outside in the morning a couple of days after the accident, a group of people in Army uniforms walked by on the road below. They seemed to be doing a training exercise. There was a car driving slowly along behind them on the correct side of the road as they walked. One wonders if they were aware of what had happened in that area so close to where they walked.

The people who were involved in the accident had their lives changed in an instant. Some neighbors in the area saw a little of the aftermath and hoped for the recovery of the people in the crash. The rest of the world did not seem to notice.

Life goes on and gets back to normal even after tragedies happen.

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