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Head On Crashes are Scary and Can Be Deadly

S. F. Mori

There were two in Utah days apart, and one person died

Have you ever been driving along or riding in a vehicle when another car suddenly came at you from the opposite direction? It is very scary. My wife was riding in a car with another person on a highway in California years ago when they were driving to an event in a neighboring town. As they were going along the highway, a car suddenly appeared heading right for them. It was coming head on into their lane. Luckily, the friend who was driving had quick reflexes and was able to swerve out of the way immediately. Thankfully, there was no car next to them so they were safe. They were a bit shaken, but otherwise were fine.

The dictionary defines a “head on collision” as a crash of two vehicles that are moving directly toward each other.
Traffic laws prohibit such a thing from happening. People should not be going the wrong direction on a road. That is extremely dangerous as well as being against the law. It is difficult to avoid a head on collision because the car is generally traveling at a high rate of speed.

Drivers do sometimes drive their cars on to the wrong side of traffic. They cross the center line or the median. It is usually because of drunk driving or possibly another temporary impairment. It makes for a very dangerous situation for the person in the oncoming car and the person going the wrong way.

There were two such accidents of head on crashes on Utah roads recently.

One of the accidents happened in Provo on Interstate 15. Provo City Police were called upon to assist Utah Highway Patrol officers when a white sedan was traveling southbound on the northbound lanes of the I-15 freeway near University Avenue. Three vehicles were hit before the driver crashed his car. The cars sustained severe damage.

The driver who was going the wrong way was arrested after he tried to flee. He was booked for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. He admitted to drinking, and his blood alcohol level was reported to be three times the legal limit.

The accused is a former reality TV actor by the name of Lee Liston. This is not his first time being charged with a DUI after being involved in an accident while driving.

A police officer was injured while trying to apprehend Liston when he was trying to flee the scene.

The other head on crash which happened in Sandy left a 28 year old woman dead. It happened on 9400 South at around 1700 East. It was on a Sunday evening about 7:45 p.m. when a car came into her lane. She was in the far right lane of traffic when the SUV drifted over and came head on into her car.

After being taking to the local hospital which is just down the street, the woman died from her injuries.
Alta View Hospital on 9400 South in Sandy(Image in the public domain)

The driver of the other car was also a woman in her mid 60s. She was taken to the hospital as well and treated for a broken leg. It was not known why she crossed over into the wrong lane of traffic. It could have been a medical problem, but that had not been determined.

Since I used to live in that area and I still travel on that street fairly frequently, I am very familiar with the street. It is what should be a safe street. That accident certainly should not have happened.

Impaired drivers from alcohol, drugs, or medical problems need to realize when they are unfit to get into the driver’s seat of an automobile. There are many opportunities to get an Uber or Lyft ride these days. People need to be aware of the dangers of driving a car when they have been drinking or perhaps not feeling well enough to drive.

Some accidents cannot be avoided, but too many lives are lost or ruined because of bad choices by drivers of cars.

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