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Belleville's Popular Grocery Store 'Goes Underground' Here's the Astonishing Reason Why!

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A Kroger-owned Ruler Foods grocery store in Belleville, Illinois, has unexpectedly closed its doors, sparking widespread concern among its patrons. The closure was triggered by a mine subsidence event, a situation where the roof of a long-abandoned mine collapses, causing the ground above to either sink or shift.

What Led to the Sudden Closure?

The underpinnings of the closure are more than just a superficial issue. Upon inspection, it was found that a disused mine beneath the grocery store had given way. The aftermath of this collapse resulted in the building, along with its foundational structures, sinking into the ground. The city’s fire chief in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources attested to a substantial 300-foot-wide subsidence event.

Visible evidence of the subsidence can be seen in the form of cracks emerging in the grocery store's parking area as well as on two proximate streets. The severity of the situation led the Department of Natural Resources to label this as an "active subsidence event".

Communications and Public Concern

Addressing the situation, Ruler Foods took to Facebook, attributing the closure to a “water main break” and guiding patrons to their Fairview Heights location. Contrary to this, a stark message at the store's entrance simply stated, "Sorry we are closed today due to a safety issue!"

The disparity in messaging led to a surge of concern among the store's followers. One concerned individual urged, "Please don't close your store or if you do close that store please reopen to another location. We need you guys in Belleville on the west side." Another, more candid follower, pointed out, "Water main? Your building is caving into the ground!" Rumors started circulating with some speculating that the store might not reopen at all.

Additionally, Fire Chief Stephanie Mills confirmed to the Belleville News-Democrat that three nearby homes also faced subsidence issues. However, she assured that there was "no immediate hazard" and the residents had been permitted to return.

Ruler Foods’ Vision: Emulating Aldi’s Success

Even as it faces this challenging situation, Ruler Foods remains ambitious. With a clear intent to emulate Aldi's successful business model, the Kroger-owned store is undergoing a comprehensive rebranding. This strategy encompasses everything from a redesigned store layout to a fresh logo, emphasizing the tenets of quality, affordability, and simplicity. Their renewed tagline, "Simple. Smart. Fresh. For Less," appears to draw inspiration from Aldi's "Simply Smarter Shopping."


The unforeseen closure of the Ruler Foods store in Belleville, Illinois, underscores the unpredictable challenges businesses can face. While the immediate focus is on addressing the safety concerns, the long-term vision of the store remains clear: to offer a streamlined, affordable shopping experience for its customers. As Ruler Foods navigates this setback, the community and its patrons await more clarity and hope for a swift resolution.

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