Do Your Kids Hate Brushing Their Teeth? This Spooky Story May Change That

Ryan Shannon

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There once was a ghost who could be heard at night.

But don’t worry, he won’t give you a fright — he’s our ghost friend.

Find out what happened to his teeth when you reach The End

If you’ve got children who are reluctant to brush their teeth, this is the perfect spooky ghost story for them. Find out what happens to our ghost friend when he eats one too many apples.
From my book “The Ghost Who Lost His Teeth”Ryan Shannon

A Story for Kids Who Hate Brushing Their Teeth

Got kids who hate brushing their teeth? I've got the perfect spooky story for you! "The Ghost Who Lost His Teeth" is about a ghost who...well, lost his teeth. You see, he ate one too many apples, and while apples can keep the doctor away, they can also contribute to tooth decay due to their sugar content. You probably don't need a study to verify this, but from a 1989 study that observed the incidence of cavities among workers at apple-producing, grape-producing and grain-producing farms, the rate of cavities was found to be higher among apple eaters.

From the study: "it was found that the consumption of a high amount of apples and to a lesser degree grapes contributed significantly to dental caries."

Moral of the story? Brush your teeth and don't forget your toothbrush for a century like our ghost friend.

Get this book and read til the end. Your kids will want to read over and over again!

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