Ellie The Pink Elephant - My New Children's Story

Ryan Shannon

Meet Ellie and tag along through the jungle, to the bay where she even turned pink that day.

Ellie’s story is about growing beyond what we are born with and coming into our person.

Her story’s morals can be applied to kids with unique interests that may be seen as “weird” or belong to multiple identity groups (such as being biracial or multiracial) and prepares kids to eventually leave home and blossom into who they are.

Oh, and it’s available on Kindle Unlimited, so it’s free if you’ve got that!

Check it out for kids between six and two — you’ll be so glad when you do!

My Second Children's Book

After gaining some success with other non-fiction books I've published including "Journey On", "Taste Torino" and "Laptop Entrepreneur" I decided to experiment with design and rhymes by writing children's books. These books were entirely illustrated by me using Canva (don't judge too hard!). The story was written quickly one day when I couldn't stop rhyming in my mind.

I hope this story brings you as much joy as I received by writing it. Since I've published independently, it's crucial to gain as many reviews as possible to further market this book. If you've got time today, please read through with your kids - it's a fun read that can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. You'll enjoy experiencing Ellie the Elephant's journey with your kids as they gain empathy for others and build upon their literacy.

Read it here.

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