The types of digital products being sold by Millennials online

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Activate Your Creativity With These 6 Digital Products

These six digital product ideas are accessible to just about anyone! If you've got some free time on your hands during the weekend or after work, you may want to give digital product making a try to supplement your income.

Diet or Exercise Plans

This is a popular option for fitness influencers on Instagram and YouTube. People see nice bodies and people in the gym and want to get a beach body, too. If you have a nice body or are a nutritionist, consider creating a generic diet regimen you can sell en masse. Or, you can create customized plans (which is a bit more hands-on, but can earn you more money).

Premium Content

If you have a popular blog and want to profit on your high traffic or have a bunch of dedicated readers, you can offer content — at an expense. Whether you go more in-depth on a free post you’ve written on, or cover special topics, that’s for you to decide. If your content is quality and you have regular readers, chances are some are willing to pay or more.


If you’re good at something — from crafting to parenting, diet and exercise, and more, you can capitalize on your knowledge and expertise by teaching people remotely. This is typically done with Skype, text messages and other forms of communication to give people tailored advice about something you’re knowledgeable about.


Consulting is similar to coaching, but is more business-oriented. Consulting online operates just like consulting in person, except you’re not limited by your physical location. You can give someone tax filing advice from halfway around the world, or teach them how to better use Facebook for their business, etc. — oftentimes at a premium price.


This is something I have personal experience with selling and marketing. I did my internship at Languages Point in Turin, Italy and redesigned their homepage as well as English Learning ePlatform sales page (visible at). It was a lot of work, but I created a landing page that highlighted the benefits of their English learning ePlatform and helped create four unique packages at different price points and different levels of access to the platform with the premium package allowing four Skype sessions with a teacher. All the products were completely digital — even the lessons could be done online. What kind of software or platform can you sell?

Affiliate Products

Not ready to create your own digital products just yet? No worries! You can still sell digital products (for example, I sell digital ebooks like "Taste Torino" and "Laptop Entrepreneur" and earn a commission when you purchase them) skim off (usually a small) percentage of the sale. One of the most popular programs is Amazon Associates, but there are a plethora of other affiliate programs as well. You can join reputable affiliate marketplaces such as Impact and Rakuten.

Try Making Your Own Digital Products

Now it's your turn! These are just a handful of digital products you can make. There are plenty of other digital product production options. To find out more about them, read my book here.

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