Entrepreneurs are selling these digital products for extra cash

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Examples of Digital Products You Can Sell—No Start-up Capital or Supplies Needed

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Digital Product Ideas

After determining there’s sufficient demand for your eProduct, you then need to put in the work to create it. In case you’re at a loss for what types of digital products you can sell, here are some ideas for inspiration:


If you’re willing to research or write about something you’re passionate about, you can write an ebook relatively quickly (we’re talking days to weeks — I turned my thesis into an ebook quickly). Or, if you’re creative and want to tell a story, try fiction out.


eCourses have a huge profit potential. In fact, some report more than ten times the profit with eCourses than they had writing eBooks (while spending a fraction of the time developing an eCourse since it mainly involves speaking in front of a camera).

Create and Flip Websites

Are you an expert at creating attractive website designs? Or creating content? You can develop websites and sell them at various stages. From freshly created, to fully-mature websites with tons of traffic. Try using a website like Flippa.com.

Sell Domain Names

There are people who make millions with those (though it remains a bit of a mystery to me!). All you need to do, in essence, is find domain names that you think are going to become in-demand in the future. It’s basically like buying digital real estate in the ghetto before hipsters come in and make it nice! You buy a domain name before it’s in-demand by companies and sell it for a higher price.

Create Premium Templates for WordPress

If you’re talented with WordPress and design, you have an opportunity to make passive income by selling premium themes. Sometimes standard, free themes just don’t cut it on WordPress. Users may be looking for something more robust, which is where you meet that demand.

Make a Documentary or Movie and Sell It

If you’re passionate about creating films, you can try your hand at creating your own film. Whether it’s a short film or an entire series, you can sell it from your own website as a passive form of income. Or, you can accept donations on platforms like Patreon for your premium content.

That's It!

Creating digital products may seem intimidating at first, but thousands have started creating the above six digital products (and several others) to make money online. If you've got time this weekend, why not try your hand at it?

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