Must-visit Eateries in Turin, Italy

Ryan Shannon

Your guide to local, undervalued food spots in Torino

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If there’s one thing Italians are most proud of, it’s their food!

And let’s be honest…who doesn’t love pizza and pasta?

From my experience, Italians can be pretty self-deprecating when it comes to their nation. They complain about bureaucracy, the government, and the wait at the post office often. But, nobody touches their food! Italian food is the one thing you’ll hear Italians speak with pride about!

Hopefully, this post isn’t too controversial (I know how important food is to Italians!) since there are so many restaurants and so many delicious ones at that (that I have yet to try). It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down, but here’s a list of my top picks for food (and coffee, and chocolate) in Turin.

While there are dozens (or even hundreds) of other delicious places to grab a bite or an espresso, I hope you find the same pleasure I did at the following places.

1. Caffeteria dell’Universita

Best for: Apericena

Prior to coming to Turin, I lived in Rome and went out for an “aperitivo” a few times (which is basically a drink and an open buffet or a plate of food). All of the aperitivos that I went to were high-quality with delicious snacks, and most importantly, an excellent glass of wine.

But, the first time I’ve ever experienced a full-on buffet style aperitivo was at Caffeteria dell’Universita. And it was incredible!

This type of ‘aperitivo’ is known as an ‘apericena’ — so, basically, you get a drink plus access to an all you can eat buffet. And, the food’s not disgusting, either.

In fact, far from it!

Many people think buffet-style food is not the best quality or has been sitting out for hours, when in reality, the food was all very fresh and warm.

This was hands-down the best place I’ve ever been for an aperitivo or apericena. The food was all very delicious and there was plenty of variety! Plus, it wasn’t just carbs either — you can get your fill of protein here, too.

For an idea of what you can get at the Caffeteria dell’Universita, here’s what they offer at the buffet:

  • Bite-sized sandwiches with cheese and prosciutto
  • Lasagna with pesto and multiple kinds of cheese (which was delicious!)
  • Seafood salad with calamari
  • Chicken wings
  • Delicious bread
  • Salad with fresh greens
  • Brioche for desert
  • And of course: alcohol! You can choose between red and white wine, beer, and cocktails. Some of the premium cocktails cost a euro or two more.

What Others Are Saying About Caffeteria dell’Universita

“Great food, amazing service and super reasonable prices. Flawless” — Google Review
“Absolutely favorite place. Delicious food, the nicest staff and reasonable prices. Perfect for every occasion.” — Google Review
“We needed a break and pasta, and this place was awesome. You can choose between about 12 per prepared salads, plus sandwiches. They also have a full bar and coffees. We are well for under $20 euro, and we ordered too much food and bought a couple Venchi chocolates to boot.” — Google Review


  • Monday-Saturday: 6AM–10PM
  • Sunday: 7AM–4PM


Via Madama Cristina, 34, F, 10125 Torino TO

2. Pasticceria Ricco

Best for: Pastries, Pizza and Coffee

If you’re looking for sweets that melt in your mouth, this is the place! Seriously — you’ve never had pastries until you’ve had them at Pasticceria Ricco. They have all kinds of fresh-baked pastries up for grabs — you’ll want to try them all.

At times, I’ve just ordered at random since I’m not too familiar with pastry jargon — and apparently, there are many diverse types of pastries. Everything’s delicious, anyway. You can’t choose anything wrong here!

In particular, my favorite of theirs is the raspberry brioche. Also, there was another pastry I had (I’m not even sure what it was called, to be honest) with apple and that led to the ultimate foodgasm.

On top of the pastries, they also have amazing seasonal cookies and treats (like artisanal panettone, which is traditionally eaten around Christmas time. I decided to buy a panettone since I’m a huge fan of their baked goods.

Normally I’m not a big fan of panettone, but I’ve got to say…the panettone from Pasticceria Ricco was out of this world! I finally understood the panettone-craze during the holidays. Not only is it traditional, apparently it doesn't need to be dry and bland as I once thought it was.

Not only do they have pastries, they also serve coffee and pizza as well. My personal favorite pizza that they have is with zucchini and cream cheese. If you ever need a quick bite to eat or to indulge your sweet tooth, stop by Pasticceria Ricco.

Best of all, it’s located right in Piazza Vittorio (which is the huge plaza adjacent to the River Po).

What Others Are Saying About Pasticceria Ricco

“Elegant pastries that go very well with a coffee. It’s clean and welcoming, and the staff are always friendly.” — Google Review
“It’s great to have breakfast in the center, staying in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and watching both the Mole Antoneliana and the Gran Madre! This is what you will see if you go to the Ricco pastry shop. Everything that is on display is produced by them, from pizzas to desserts.
"Yesterday I tried the pistachio brioche, a delicacy. If you are fond of aperitifs, from 7pm you can enjoy all their pizzas for just € 7.” — Google Review
“(Translated by Google) Perfect place for a sweet or savory break … all delicious! Excellent service!” — Google Review


  • Monday-Friday: 7:30AM–8PM
  • Saturday: 8AM–8PM
  • Sunday: 9AM–7PM


Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 14, 10123 Torino TO

3. Caffe Vergnano

Best for: Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee, right? Oddly enough: me (I know, I’m weird). I’m not a huge coffee fan because it usually makes me jittery and feel uneasy (my fellow caffeine-sensitive types can relate). But, I do love the taste of coffee (it’s my favorite gelato flavor)!

And on the rare occasions, I reach for a cup (or, more accurately an espresso-sized cup) of coffee, it’s always Caffe Vergnano. If you’re going to pick something that makes you jittery, it may as well taste like heaven on earth!

And heaven is exactly how Caffe Vergnano tastes.

When my grandma came to visit me in Italy, we randomly stopped by a cafe (Side note: cafes are called bars in Italy, with a rolled final “r”. While many English speakers will associate bars with being a place for alcohol, Italian bars are primarily for coffee, but food and alcohol can also be served) and she had Caffe Vergnano for the first time.

Not only did we stop by that same coffee shop every day we were there, she also had to write the name of the brand of coffee down because it was that good!

Caffe Vergnano is sold all over in Turin, but there’s one, in particular, that provides an especially relaxing atmosphere for meeting up and talking with friends. Best of all, it’s right by Porta Nuova, one of the two main train stations in Turin; the one you’ll likely get off at when visiting.

There are multiple Caffe Vergnano locations scattered around Turin — make it a point to stop by and have one of the best coffees you’ll have in your life with them!

Pro Tip: If you visit Alba, a small and picturesque town near Turin, do visit their Official Caffe Vergnano shop. It’s amazing!

What Others Are Saying About Caffe Vergnano

“(Translated by Google) Now a regular destination for my Thursday breakfast. Excellent brioche with cream, perfect cappuccino and splendid service (they already know my bottle of water out of the fridge to take away). Really good!” — Google Review
“A can’t miss if/when visiting Torino. Only a few minutes walk from Porta Nuova stazione. Classy, with a broad and deep selection of foods, drinks, etc. Outside seats, too.” — Google Review
“Friendly baristas, selection of sandwiches & pastries, also hot food menu. They were out of vegetarian sandwiches when I arrived but made me one fresh, very helpful! Free wifi so you can work here too. Most importantly… good coffee!” — Google Review


  • Monday-Saturday: 7AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday: Closed


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 44 Bis C, 10123 Torino TO

(Note: This isn’t the only place that serves Caffe Vergnano coffee, but it is an official Caffe Vergnano coffee shop)

4. Lindt Chocolate

Best for: Chocolate and Coffee

You’ve likely heard of Lindt chocolate — the widely available, world-famous Swiss chocolate brand. But right in the heart of Turin, you can visit the official Lindt chocolate shop. Not only does this official Lindt Chocolate shop have delicious chocolate treats of all kinds that’ll melt you into chocolate heaven, there’s also a secret cafe in the back.

To be honest, it took me three years to discover the cafe (and I’m so glad I did!). The fact that there is seating on three levels is not incredibly apparent. When you order at the counter, you’ll notice there are a few tables off to your right, and that’s it.

Initially, I thought it was too crowded to get a cappuccino, but I later realized there was a staircase that led to relaxing seating on the two floors above with tall, bright windows.

Lindt is the perfect place to get some work done on your laptop (if you aspire to be a digital nomad, please check out my other book “Laptop Entrepreneur: Realistic Ways You Can Live the Dream Abroad as a Digital Nomad and Make Money Online”) take a break from walking, or catch up with friends.

Lindt has amazing chocolate-coffee drinks to warm your spirit. From the Chococino, to a delicious, classic hot chocolate, to other unimaginable gourmet chocolate and coffee fusions. If you want to get your dose of caffeine in while indulging your sweet tooth, Lindt is the place.

Lindt Chocolate offers it all: a centrally-located, relaxing atmosphere with delicious coffee and sweets!

What Others Are Saying About Lindt

“If you love chocolate, this is the right place for you in Turin. Lots of different products to choose from and there is also a bar inside where you can have a coffee or a hot chocolate. My suggestion is to try the Biancotto” — Google Review
“I love this place, i usually go there with friends for coffee or hot chocolate, the place is cozy and relaxing” — Google Review
“Amazing selection for a reasonable price. At the end of store there is a nice coffee shop with a few tables.” — Google Review


Monday-Sunday: 9:30AM–7:30PM


Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 16/a, 10123 Torino TO

5. Cammafa’

Best for: Pizza

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Italy…eat pizza! It doesn’t matter where you are in Italy, you’ll always find delicious pizza no matter where you go.

And no — you’ll almost never be served a slice of pizza! That’s almost as blasphemous as eating pizza with pineapples (though I admit, it is tasty. Please don’t tell my Italian friends!)

It only makes sense to have a hearty, filling, slightly-crisp pizza in Italy.

Not only is pizza collectively better in Italy than other places (well, duh! Pizza’s from Italy), but there are even pizza parlors that shine well above the average Italian pizza parlor.

In other words, the average pizza parlors in Italy are already better than what you’ll get in your home country, so the ones that are better than the average are creme-de-la-creme for your taste buds.

Normally I stay away from chain restaurants, but Cammafa’ is an exception. It’s a small chain in Turin that has mouth-watering pizza. It’s even popular among locals, so you know you’re getting the real deal!

You may be wondering: what makes Cammafa pizza so special?

I’m telling you, you’ve never had pizza until you’ve had Cammafa’ pizza. The crust is to die for. It’s baked to perfection. Perfectly fluffy yet crisp without being too doughy. You get the right amount of crispness at Cammafa’.

Best of all, there are pizzas of all types. Whatever you’re in the mood for, they have it at Cammafa’.

What’s on the menu? You can order vegetarian dishes as well as dishes with prosciutto and seafood — with or without tomato sauce. If you’re looking for a gourmet pizza experience, this is it.

Just be sure to arrive a bit early. If you get there around 9 pm, you may have to wait a few minutes since it’ll be so packed (especially weekends). If you want to reach Cammafa’, it’s just south of the center of Turin (easily reachable by foot) in the San Salvario area. There are a couple other Cammafa’ restaurants in Turin, too. Just search for Cammafa’ on Google Maps.

What Others Are Saying About Cammafa’

“Best pizza I’ve ever eaten anywhere in Italy. The crust is like a perfectly cooked cloud, crisp and blistered at the edges, and divinely airy throughout. Go early when they first open in the evening, otherwise you’ll end up waiting a long time to get in. There’s a reason it’s so popular!” — Google Review

“Absolutely great pizza! Very decent prices (5–10 € a pizza).” — Google Review

“It’s one of the best Neapolitan pizza in Turin! This pizzeria is so popular that people are ready to stay in the long queue in order to enjoy such delicious pizza! I liked it so much! The pizza is very big with the totally Neapolitan taste! The waiters are very nimble and friendly…In addition, the prices are not high! So, I recommend this place for everyone! — Google Review


  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday-Friday: 12–2:30PM, 7:30–11PM
  • Saturday-Sunday: 7:30–11PM


Via Saluzzo, 35, B, 10125 Torino TO

6. Alberto Marchetti Gelaterie

Best for: Gelato

We all know Italy has the best gelato…but this place, Alberto Marchetti Gelaterie, is probably the best in Turin (and maybe even the world).

You know you’ve found a delicious gelato shop when people are lining up for 10+ minutes outdoors…sometimes even in the winter!

It’s not the type of gelato place that has bright, over-the-top flavors and colors. Instead, everything is tucked away behind stainless steel containers, waiting to surprise you with every scoop. The ice cream they serve is incredibly creamy and thick — if you’re looking for a real scoop of ice cream, you’ll find it at Alberto Marchetti Gelateria.

The first time I had an ice cream cone from Alberto Marchetti was with a friend in winter. And, let me tell you, it was worth every delicious (but cold!) lick.

Alberto Marchetti gelato is the type of gelato that satisfies your sweet tooth. Plus, because it’s so creamy, you’ll feel satiated after (you won’t be craving more like other low-quality ice cream brands can make you feel).

What Others Are Saying About Alberto Marchetti Gelaterie

“I’m speechless. I love ice-cream even if I’m lactose intolerant so I tried dark chocolate and berries flavors, they were amazing! Also the place and the staff are great. I think this was the best ice-cream I’ve ever eaten.” — Google Review
“We read the reviews and thought nothing can be “that” good. In truth? It is that good. Delicious, creamy, great variety, and wonderful staff. We will be back!” — Google Review
“Alberto Marchetti’s ice cream is one of the best I’ve ever had in my life. The ice cream is extremely creamy and the flavors are rich. I ordered a croccante and a chocolate with liqueur one because the waiter recommended that one, and it was absolutely amazing. Best ice cream we had in Turin no doubt, once we ate it there we didn’t want to go anywhere else.” — Google Review


  • Monday-Thursday: 12–10:30PM
  • Friday-Saturday: 12–11PM
  • Sunday: 11AM–10:30PM


Via Po, 35/b, 10124 Torino TO

Food Heaven Awaits You in Turin

This list is far from exhaustive — there are lots of delicious places to eat in Turin, which is why many claim Turin is Italy’s food capital. Go out and give these a try, but don’t be afraid to pop into a restaurant you stumble upon on the street — there are plenty of quality restaurants scattered around the center, and also in residential neighborhoods.

One thing I love about Turin is there aren’t many “Tourist Trap” restaurants, if at all, that prey on tourists. Most of the restaurants deliver on quality and are often at price points far lower than what you’ll find in more popular tourist destinations in Italy.

That’s the beauty of the food scene in Torino: you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bad restaurant here!

I’ve given you six can’t-miss places in Turin to satisfy your sweet tooth, sip on out-of-this-world coffee and pizza that will leave your mouth dripping from the aroma alone. Turin is one of the best cities in Italy to eat, and these are some of the best you’ll find.

Turin is worth the visit for the food alone. You’ll want to save room in your food budget — and belly — for this city!

Thank you for reading my story.

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