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The Best Chinese Takeout Place in Baltimore

Ryan Fan
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As a Chinese-American, I find it difficult to find good takeout places in Baltimore. Most places are either too expensive or straight up not that good. However, I accidentally stumbled upon a great takeout place in Baltimore that blew my expectations out of the water.

That place is Hao Chi, a Chinese Restaurant at 627 S Broadway Street on Fells Point. In Chinese, Hao Chi means "tastes good," and the place met exactly those expectations. Hidden in the midst of mainly bars and high-profile Fells Points restaurants like Choptank, Hao Chi goes under the radar. Right now, if you visit the area, Hao Chi is overshadowed by the now-closed down Ding How, where construction is overtaking the whole area.

However, visit Hao Chi and you will not be disappointed. I got the General Tso's Chicken at Hao Chi and it was the best General Tso's Chicken I've ever had. It's the perfect mix between sweet and sour, and when you put the sauce onto rice, the General Tso's Chicken is a $10 affordable option that can easily last you several meals. The breading of the chicken is on point -- for the smaller pieces of chicken, it's crispy, but for the bigger pieces, the first bite never disappoints. it I am so in love with Hao Chi's General Tso's Chicken I have not ordered anything else from the restaurant, and I have ordered from Hao Chi at least ten times.

On the inside, Hao Chi is currently adjusting to the restrictions of Covid-19. I can't say much about what it's like to eat inside, because I never have. But I can speak to the professionalism and politeness of the restaurant. All employees have accommodated my needs, asking if I need more sauces and putting extra fortune cookies into my meal whenever I ask.

I notice not many people know about Hao Chi. Even some of my friends who lived right next door to the restaurant never heard of it and never went inside, until I treated them for dinner and got them General Tso's Chicken. They agreed -- it's the best General Tso's Chicken they have ever had, and now they're regulars of the restaurant. To the best of my knowledge, Hao Chi is available on both DoorDash and GrubHub. That's how I first found out about the place.

However, if you want a cheaper order that benefits the restaurant more, Hao Chi's website is a place where you can look at the menu and even get a 10% discount on your order. There, you can find the hours of the restaurant as well as any other seasonal coupons the restaurant might order. Also, you can find the restaurant's hours, which are certainly more accurate than Google.

The restaurant is easy to miss if you're in Fells Point. Behind all the construction, it's on the same block as Broadway Market and somewhat hidden. But looking north from Aliceanna and Broadway, Hao Chi is the first store on the right side and has a colorful sign. You might have to really look for it, but you won't regret it when you do. They get your food out very fast to complement what else you have planned for the night. They get you your food for an affordable and reasonable price. They get you your food with many complimentary items like eggrolls and fortune cookies.

Hao Chi matches its clever Chinese translation: it tastes really good. And if you go, make sure to get some General Tso's Chicken.


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