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Ryan Fan

I usually have a pretty bad experience with most mobile games. They’re often big teasers until you have to pay a substantial amount of money to advance, and then you can’t play it anymore. Or it’s just not fun.

However, over the past month, my girlfriend and I have been playing LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, an RPG turn-based strategy game turned mobile, and we have been thoroughly surprised. It isn’t pay to win like other mobile games, although paying money certainly helps advance.

It’s a free to play game unlike most others and I am in the top 200 ranks of the game without spending a single dime — simply putting int about 20 minutes of effort every day has led me to advance to level 41 and maintain my status. All I need is patience, patience to wait for the energy to regenerate to play missions (essentially move on with my life) and patience to do the quests every day.

The game starts with having five heroes fight in a battle against the enemy. There is the A.I. that you fight in campaign missions in modes like Glyth Hunt, Piptown United, and Monolith Waste, as well as options to play events and join a guild.

That’s what the game has a lot of: options. Yes, it’s a LEGO game so it’s pretty childish, but it’s a great respite when waiting in an office or doing any other menial tasks. The heroes are constantly leveled up with gold and geared up to become more powerful, and you play in battles where you can either let the A.I. take control or take control of the characters yourself.

Not only that, but the GameLoft game encourages you to experiment with different parties and sets (power ups) that allow you to find the optimum customization.

James Pond

I will say, however, that it gets significantly harder to maintain your status and level up your characters once you get to the 30s and 40s in levels. The fighting is enjoyable, and low levels are very not pay to win, but, of course, the higher you go, the harder it gets to level up.

With any mobile game, however, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed requires patience. You can’t just force yourself to have more energy. You can’t force the daily quests to regenerate.

But you can force it — it only takes more money, but that’s a reflection of the real world, isn’t it?

I haven’t played that long so I haven’t seen that many of the upgrades and new events, but perhaps my expectations of free mobile games is tempered. No, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed is not the greatest game I’ve ever played. The Final Fantasy VII: Remake takes the cake for that title so far in my playthrough.

But it’s a simple game, one where you can have fun, advance, and be in a top rank (albeit not the best) simply by just playing on your phone while waiting on a bus, car, or in your room for 20 minutes every day. Each day, too, it has a good amount of variety with different events.

All I’ll really say is that the pros drastically outweigh the cons. Sure, it may become more pay to win towards the end, but I haven’t felt that yet at level 41. When I do get frustrated, I stop playing. I go back to real life between work, writing, and everything in between.

I’ve played many other mobile games that have seriously disappointed me with their pay to win status, like Clash of Clans or Zenonia.

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed isn’t the greatest thing out there, but it’s much better than the rest, and well worth the try. That’s why, for me, it’s the best mobile game of all time.

Originally published on July 23, 2020 on SUPERJUMP.

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