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The 4 Best Places to Run In Annapolis

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Growing up, I always knew Annapolis as the capital of Maryland, as well as the home to the U.S. Naval Academy. But Annapolis is also a great place to run with a variety of waterfront sections, according to Mark Lowenstein at Great Runs. There are some trails near the city and other nice paths, but some of the nicest runs are within the city too. Lowenstein notes the B&A Trail is a great place to run, a 13.3-mile trail that goes towards Baltimore. Whether you live in Annapolis or are just in the city for a visit, here are five of the best places to run in the city:

1. The U.S. Naval Academy

You cannot talk about Annapolis without talking about the Naval Academy, and you cannot run in Annapolis without running at the Naval Academy. Most of the run is along the water and the campus is always beautiful. There is a four mile loop around campus, but blogger Ann Brennan notes a couple rules for running around the U.S. Naval Academy: you cannot run with headphones and you must bring an ID with you. A 4.5 mile loop involves starting in central Annapolis and running on the waterfront through Fitch Bridge, Bluff Point, and Forest Sherman Field. Add-on sections are also options along the beautiful route.

2. The B&A Trail

A great luxury of the B&A Trail is it offers soft surfaces to run, and is shielded from the sun in the middle of the summer. The B&A Trail also connects with the BWI Trail around the airport where you will find a lot of runners and bikers. There is parking all along the trail, but one downside is it becomes very difficult to run in the midst of snowstorms and heavy rain. The 13.3 mile trail goes from Glen Burnie to Annapolis and is usually pretty flat and well-marked. If you're there, make sure to have fun!

3. Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is a 340 acre park with six miles of trails and different terrains. It has pavement and soft surfaces which make it perfect for shorter runs. With a lake, pavilions, gardens, and more, it provides beautiful scenery throughout, but parking is often expensive. To add on, Hillsmere Shores and Harness Woods close to the park are great residential areas to continue your run.

4. Kinder Park Farm

Kinder Park Farm is a country park that was originally a farm. There is a 2.8-mile paved trail and other trails through the fields and woods of the farm. The park also connects with the B&A Trail, and as a trail run, there is no better place to run in Annapolis. With plenty of water fountains and bathrooms, Kinder Park Farm also serves well in case of emergencies, and it is a beautiful place to hang out and be in after sunset. There is a Visitor Center but also an entrance fee often required to enter the park.


Annapolis has many other great places to run that are not mentioned and is a great running city that offers a variety of options. Where I live in Baltimore, you cannot run without being bombarded by hills and traffic stops, and I would love to have more options to get out the door and hit trails. Nevertheless, larger runs throughout all of Maryland give any runner a variety of options, on both paved roads and trails. The B&A Trail and the BWI Trails are personal favorites of mine to do long runs without repeating endless loops. And you cannot forget about the beauty of running at the Naval Academy!

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