Is Crypto Fandom a Thing?

Ryan Erickson

I’m not really asking you that question; in fact, I’d even consider it rhetorical. Because I know it’s a thing. Case in point, you’re reading this story that was written for the PIVX coin/project. I don’t blame you, though. There seem to be some who might think that crypto has become its own fandom.

And I don’t think they’re wrong.

Nor does Paul Ford in the July/August issue of WIRED,

“Crypto to me feels like a variant of fan culture: People patrol fandoms vigorously, to protect the borders, to keep outsiders out, debating canon with Socratic rigor.”

The two main communities I partake in daily, PIVX and Cardano, fall into this fandom sub-culture. If PIVX or Cardano were a culture of people instead of a crypto project, I’d consider them a proud culture. Perhaps not as much as the VeChain Reddit community does (Wow!), but you get the gist.

So, after reading Paul’s article, I came to realize that’s it’s this fandom that will/can make or break a project. Fact is, if nobody is there to defend or even talk about the ups and downs of said project, nobody will care one way or another that it even existed.

So we’re all part of the crypto-cult-fandom. And honestly, I’m ok with that. Since I’ve become a regular part of the PIVX community, I’ve met some fascinating people. Some are like-minded, others are well outside my standard circle- but interesting and good to know all the same.

In fact, it was this very same community that I’ve been perusing, via one of the business developers, the potential for PIVX to go carbon-negative by year's end. I also had a great discussion with another member who’s a sound engineer, and they were able to help me down the right path for a work project.

Without the fandom-centric world that cryptocurrency has offered us (well, at least me), I very much doubt I’d be as active in the whole “sustainability” thing. Nor do I think I would have gotten back into writing.

Call it fandom. Call it community. Call it a gaggle even. It matters not. We’re all part of this family with a goal of change. [Besides, I need someone to lament to about my losses/gains, ‘cause my wife’s given up on the crypto talk.]

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