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In the UK, there are strict rules and regulations on what work those under 16 years old can do. In fact, it's illegal for 12-year-olds and under to be in employment. However, a lot of people under the age of 16 will have a lot of free time and will still want the chance to make a bit of money, especially in the holidays. Having some financial freedom and the ability to spend your money however you like is something that all teens want, as well as what a part-time job can give you.

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Doing small part-time roles growing up can instill an excellent work ethic, and will help you to better understand the value of earning and spending your own money. So until the day you turn 16 years old and can legally work a lot more roles, here are 6 jobs you can do in your spare time that will make you some decent pocket money.

Paper Round

A paper round or route is a fantastic role for 12-15-year-olds with lots of energy who don't mind early morning starts! This role involves delivering newspapers locally to houses along a particular route before or after school. This role suits under 16-year-olds because it can easily be done around their education, is good exercise, and is safe for teenagers to do.

Most paper rounds would be earning an hourly rate of £2.50 - £4.00. If your round takes an hour a day and you deliver 6 days a week, then you could be making between £15 to £24 a week. Or it could be a fixed rate of £10-20 a week. Either way, this money will add up quickly the more rounds you do and will help to refine your punctuality and ability to follow instructions too.

If you're interested in doing a paper round, then get down to your local newsagent or post office and ask if they need any help delivering papers. Paper round roles are often first come first serve but have high turnover rates, so if there are none available then be patient and check every month or so.

Car Washing

Everyone needs their car washing, and people will really appreciate it if you offer to do it for them. Car washing can be done at any age. Simply pull your sleeves up, grab a sponge, and get cleaning! You may need to pay for your own cleaning supplies to get started, but these shouldn't be too expensive. If your parents own a pressure washer, then this can be used too on a very low setting to make cleaning faster. As you're offering the service, you can set the prices however much you'd like, but try to make sure it's less than what a local service station car wash would charge. Also, keep in mind that this job needs to be done properly to keep customers happy and paying. That means making sure you properly clean the car.

You can set up a car washing spot for cars to pull into but it may be difficult to find a suitable and safe location. Alternatively, you could go door to door and offer to clean people's cars in their driveways. Doing this will improve your interpersonal skills, which will be incredibly useful in your future career. This role is perfect in the summer months if you have free time and want to earn some extra money. The more cars you clean, the better and faster you will get at doing it, allowing you to earn more money.

Till Packer

Till packing can be done as young as 12 years old and involves helping shoppers pack away their goods at the tills. Usually performed for the elderly in supermarkets, till packers will ask the customer if they would like their shopping packed away for them for a small fee. You can set this fee yourself or let the customer decide how much they'd like to pay you, as the amount of shopping can vary.

You will need to get the approval of the supermarket to do till packing, but it's likely they will be okay with you offering the service as long as you are respectful of their policies. To do till packing you will need to have a friendly and polite attitude to customers and be able to pack efficiently and correctly (like not placing heavy items on top of eggs for example). This role will advance your customer service skills which will transfer into any hospitality roles you could take on in the future.

Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

If you're an animal lover and are responsible enough to be trusted with someone else's pet, then why not give dog walking or pet sitting a go? These roles better suit 14 or 15-year-olds who are mature and trustworthy as like previously mentioned, you will become responsible for someone else's pet. Pet sitting is similar to babysitting, where you will be entrusted to watch over and look after a dog, cat, fish, rabbit or whatever other pet someone might have. This can range from a few hours while the owner is absent to a few weeks if the owner is on holiday for example. While pet sitting you while need to make sure the pet is well fed, clean up after any messes it makes and be sure it gets up to no trouble!

Offering a dog walking service will be very useful for busy adults who may not have time to give their dogs proper walks. It's best to offer your dog walking services to people you know like family, friends or neighbours as some people may not know you well enough to give you their pet. But, if you struggling for customers then it wouldn't hurt to go door to door and ask. Again like car washing, you can set your own rates for this job, though you shouldn't go above £5 per walk. Remember to ask the owner how long their dogs usually need walking for, it should range between 30 minutes to an hour. Both these side roles are great for teens as you get to spend your free time with animals and will develop your responsibility.


Many house owners will neglect their garden because they simply don't have the time to manage it, and that's where you can come in. There are a number of gardening tasks that anyone without gardening experience can do, including pulling weeds and cutting grass. Because of the potentially dangerous equipment and more demanding manual labour, a gardening role is most suitable for those 14 years old and older. Gardening tasks can take a number of hours and can be physically exhausting, so before offering your services make sure you are prepared and committed to finishing a task properly that you have started.

Doing freelance gardening will require you to have equipment if you want to do certain tasks like grass cutting or hedge trimming. These can be expensive to attain so being able to borrow these from family or friends will be very useful. Doing gardening as a teenager will help improve your work ethic and persuasion skills, both of which are useful in most careers.


Finally, babysitting is a job that requires enthusiasm and a high level of responsibility. Like gardening, babysitting is a job suited for people who are over 13 years old. This is because you need to be mature enough to be trusted to look after someone else children for a few hours.

So what does babysitting entail? Well, your primary concern will be making sure the children you are watching are happy and safe. Some children may want to be left alone if they're old enough to not need constant supervision. Others, however, may want you to do fun activities with them to keep them entertained or will want help with their homework. As a babysitter, it will be your job to provide that for them as well as cleaning up after them and keeping things tidy.

Babysitting can easily be done on a school night and can be the highest paying job someone under 16 can do. Rates are set by the parents but some can pay very generously for your time, so it's worthwhile to offer yourself as a babysitter.

Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration for what work you can do if you're under 16. The roles will take commitment and hard work, but will also be incredibly rewarding and fun too. Once you have turned 16 and want to look for proper employment, then be sure to check out StudentJob for the latest student vacancies in your area.

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