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When putting your Nanaimo house up for sale, it makes a lot of sense to spruce it up before placing it on the market. In the real estate industry, we call that ‘staging’. Selling a property requires more than having a house in the proper condition; that is why staging a house is essential, especially for homes that have a lot of furnishings, knick-knacks, and family photos. Though the idea of decluttering your house may be overwhelming and not particularly motivating, knowing how to efficiently and effectively declutter your home will make it inviting once you are ready to open your home to prospective buyers.
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Thoroughly clean your home.

In 2021, Canadians are expected to buy up to 583,600 houses, up from 489,873 house sales in 2019. While the numbers can encourage you that there is a market for your home, having your home in top-notch condition may encourage more buyers and in turn more offers. Before placing the house on the market, conduct some essential maintenance to make the home more attractive.

Take your time to conduct deep cleaning on your house while staging it for an upcoming tour and walk-through. Apart from the essential cleaning tools like vacuums, consider using additional advanced tools that can steam clean your carpets or polish your floors.

Categorize your clutter

Decluttering a whole house can become tedious very quickly. If you are unsure where to start, dedicate at least one hour every day to declutter one room. This prevents you from feeling too stressed out, pressured, or overwhelmed with the idea of decluttering. While cleaning, you may want to categorize the clutter you find in each room by creating separate piles for clutter: trash, donate, and keep.

Categorizing the clutter helps expedite your decision on items you don't need in your home during the staging process. If you are a highly detailed person, you can create subcategories for the clutter by placing them into storage boxes or containers. If you have no idea what qualifies as clutter, here are a few examples:

· Over-flowing kitchen countertops: too many appliances or items strewn across the surface.

· Clothing, bedding, shoes, appliances; anything that has not been used or worn in years.

· Unfinished projects that you hope to finish someday.

· Sentimental pieces, hobby clutter, overflowing collections, and Knick-knacks.

· Overflowing stacks of books and magazines, paperwork, electronics with wires running out of control, children’s art projects, and mystery boxes in the basement that have been stored in the attic or basement for years.

Let go of unnecessary belongings and clutter.

It's never easy to get rid of belongings that we are attached to, but it is often necessary to let go of unnecessary belongings and clutter when staging a house. If you are downsizing or moving across the country and want to move with less hassle, getting rid of unnecessary items is a must. Not only does moving become easy, but the load is also lighter, making it easier to get settled in your new home. If it's hard for you to let go of some item. Before you begin decluttering your house, devise a plan to store the boxes and any other belongings like furniture you intend to use for house staging.

With the current average sale price of homes for sale in Nanaimo, prospective homeowners are going to find your home more interesting if its free of clutter. By following these decluttering steps your house will look more attractive and inviting when buyers are viewing it. Apart from decluttering, you should also carry out any essential maintenance on the house that’s required. Fix anything that is not working properly. This type of pre-planning can make a big difference when it comes to a Buyer doing a home inspection.

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