Wedding Ring Buying Rules

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A wedding ring symbolizes eternal love and devotion. It represents a couple’s commitment to cherish one another for the rest of their days.

Choosing your wedding ring is a big decision to make. It is more important than any of your wedding purchases.

If you are thinking of purchasing your wedding rings in Chicago, there are many jewelry stores on Michigan Avenue and along Wabash Avenue from Washington Street down to Monroe Street. But before you head out to the jewelry stores, know the basic principles that you need to keep in mind.

Here are ten things to consider when buying a wedding ring that you will absolutely love wearing every day:

1. Budget

Know your budget before you head out to a jewelry store. Calculate the amount you’d be willing to spend on your wedding rings. Considering that you will be wearing them for a long time, buying expensive ones that are of high quality is not a bad idea.

According to a survey conducted by the knot, an average wedding will cost a whopping $60,000, including the cost of the wedding rings, in Chicago.

2. Metal

What kind of metal do you like best for your ring? Gold, silver, or platinum? The most preferred metal for wedding rings is gold. Compared to other precious metals, it is more delicate and more likely to keep its luster longer. Platinum is more durable as it weighs heavier than the other two. Silver is the cheapest, but it loses its shine fast. Take the time to discuss this with your partner, but whichever you choose, treat your wedding rings with care to add to their longevity.

3. Time

As much as possible, start looking for your ideal wedding rings a few months before the big day. If you are planning to have customized rings, then give yourself even more time. Do your research about styles and prices and visit several jewelry stores.

4. Your Lifestyle

Be practical when choosing your wedding ring. It is meant to be worn at all times, so it should fit into your life without disruption. For example, if you use your hands a lot for work, then consider buying a ring with a simple design or without any embellishments.

5. For Long-Term Style

If you already have a wedding ring in mind, ask yourself if it is something that you would still want to wear 20 years from now. Do not just think about your current preferences. Try to imagine wearing it at work, when you send your kids to school and when you attend formal events.

6. Size

Finding the right size for your wedding ring can be challenging. Your fingers will sometimes swell or shrink, depending on your body’s temperature. Make sure you do the final ring sizing when your finger is in its normal state. You can also ask for help from a professional jeweler so you can have the size for all conditions.

7. Quality

Before you decide on buying a wedding ring, always check for the quality. Make sure that you can find the markings of the manufacturer’s trademark, the mineral content, and the type of metal on the inside of the ring. Buying from a trusted jeweler is the safest way to ensure the quality of your wedding ring.

8. Bespoke

If you want your wedding ring to match your personal taste, then customizing it is the best option you have. The advantage of this is that you can have a meaningful wedding ring that is also one of a kind. Make sure to choose a jeweler that will offer to let you see a wax model of the ring so you can still make some changes unless you approve the final design.

9. Engagement Ring

Think about how your wedding ring will look if you wear it with your engagement ring. You can choose a band that is made of the same metal and has an identical width. Just make sure to follow the golden rule, which is to pick a wedding ring that will not outshine the engagement ring. You can also consider customizing the rings together so that they interlock and complement each other.

10. Matching Rings

Do you and your partner want your wedding rings to match each other? They can be made of the same metal or share a common design feature. You can choose to engrave the same phrases or your wedding date. You can also embellish the rings with the same kind of stones. While it is a good idea to buy rings that suit your distinct personality, your wedding rings should still have an element of similarity.

Purchase Your Wedding Rings In Chicago Today!

You are going to be wearing your wedding ring every day, so be meticulous when choosing one. You have to consider a lot of things for a ring that will symbolize one of the most special days of your life. If in doubt, do not buy!

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