Valentine's Day! Will You Be Drinking Champagne or Crying into Your Beer?

Roz Warren

“Valentine’s Day” usually means flowers, chocolate and romantic, candle-lit dinners. But when I asked my Facebook friends how they usually observe the day, I got a surprising variety of responses:

The first, from a happily married pal, was pretty dang smug: “I'll enjoy a drink with my one true love and feel sorry for everyone who isn't as happy as we are."

Followed quickly by this lament from a single friend: “I just try to ignore the whole thing.”

Indeed, being single on Valentine’s Day can be challenging. So what will my un-partnered pals be up to on this annual celebration of Happy Coupledom?

“I always wear black.”

“Take Out. (So I won’t be tormented by all the happy couples.)"

“I’ll be hiding under the bed until it all blows over.”

"We just broke up, so I'm not going to be drinking champagne. More like crying into my beer."

As my friends continued to comment, one thing became quite clear: It’s great to be happily coupled on Valentine’s Day:

“Chocolate, flowers and bubbly for us!”

“My hubby always picks up a bottle — or two — of champagne. With flowers and candy, of course.”

“We spend a quiet evening in our garden and celebrate our enduring love as the sun is setting.”

Not every happy couple celebrates like this. Although I truly hope this friend was just kidding around:

“Instead of going through the drive-thru, on Valentine’s Day I bring my beloved right into the McDonald’s, where we dine in style.”

I'm inspired by the way these couples have chosen to share the love on Valentine's Day:

“On Valentine’s Day, I always host a Mother/Daughter Tea Party. It’s a beautiful event, often with one or more families represented by three or four generations. A celebration of love, but of a different kind.”

“On Valentine’s Day, my husband and I deliver flowers to local widows, a tradition we started one year after a dear friend had passed. While my hubby was at the florist buying me flowers, on an impulse he also bought flowers for our recently widowed friend. We always deliver them in secret. Sadly, we’ve had to add more deliveries to the list each year. But it is so rewarding to spread some joy.”

“I’ve never been romantic, so I’ll order a useful farm animal for a third world family from Heifer International in honor of my sweetie. ‘Roses are Red/Violets Are Blue/I love you so much/Here’s a llama for you.’”

However you choose to celebrate, I hope your Valentine’s Day is wonderful. (Please share your own Valentine's Day plans in the comments section. I'd love to hear about them!)

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