What’s it Like to Sleep Under a Weighted Blanket?

Roxanne Hale

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I’ve struggled with insomnia since my last pregnancy. Who knew pregnancy insomnia was a thing? I thought it would improve as my little one got older but – Nope. Here I am, four years later, googling sleeping hacks. I’ve explored everything. Hot baths. Melatonin. Sound machines. Sleep apps. Mediation. Reading and counting sheep. I even tried the Dodow, a little metronome gadget found on Amazon that is supposed to help you regulate your breathing and fall asleep faster. Worthless.

I know what you’re thinking. Get a prescription for Ambien already. But I know once I go that route, I’ve effectively given up on ever achieving natural sleeping again. So? I continue my quest for the perfect remedy, which is how I ended up sleeping under a weighted blanket last night.

I don’t believe it’ll solve my problem - entirely. BUT? It did help me fall asleep, although I woke up several times throughout the night.

I certainly had my doubts when I struggled to lift the 20-pound quilted blanket out of the box. It was super heavy. I was afraid sleeping under this much weight would be hot and stifling. Would the blanket cause me to feel claustrophobic? I was surprised to find that I stayed pretty cool under it all night. It might be because this particular blanket was a 100% cotton, breathable material.

So, where does the blanket get its weight from? It’s filled with tiny glass microbeads that are sewn into small, quilted pockets. They settle around you nicely and don’t move much. I was relieved to learn that it was machine washable and dryer safe despite the innovative construction of the quilt.

So, what is it like sleeping under a weighted blanket? It was comforting, like a big warm hug. Before I knew it, I was asleep under the gentle pressure of the blanket. While I did wake up several times in the middle of the night, I could get back to sleep.

The next morning, I was a little surprised to find my hips and back were a little sore. I wasn’t expecting that. I’m guessing it’s because the weight of the blanket prevents you from moving around as much as you might normally and because the blanket applies a little pressure on your hips and back.

I plan to continue using my weighted blanket to see if it will help long-term with my sleeping difficulties. In my personal struggles with insomnia, I've found that having several natural remedies at the ready is helpful. If you’re prone to sleepless nights, you may find the weighted blanket makes a difference! The cost for these blankets starts at $60 and goes up from there, depending on size and construction. The price tag for my blanket was $169 because it is a queen and extra heavy. Not too bad, and it’s way better than drinking warm milk!

Sweet Dreams!

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