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Some design styles just won’t die. Like zombies, they hang around forever, haunting our homes. No longer in style but not quite dead. In my twenty years as a realtor showing homes all over Birmingham, I’ve seen more than my share of unfortunate décor that has survived past its glory days.

Is your Home Sweet Home currently sheltering outdated decor zombies? Let’s get started hunting down these creatures together.

All White Spaces

I loved shabby chic before it was chic. Nothing gladdens my heart like a white farmhouse. I understand the appeal of all-white decor. Shiplap, white slipcovers, white-washed wood, and antique white light fixtures were once all the rage. But now, their time has come to an end.

Friends, it’s time to explore the color wheel.

This year, as life got dark, designers went with it – with dark greens, antique brass, soapstone countertops, and black-blue hues making appearances in homes around the country. It seems everyone, everywhere, is moving toward a moodier motif.

If you aren’t quite ready to try out the new unsubtle decorating styles, consider giving a warmer white or a soft shade of gray a chance. It takes courage to pull off decorating with deep colors successfully. If you’re not ready to go all-in just yet, you can start with a few patterned throw pillows or bold-colored wall art to liven things up a bit and then take it from there.

Yard Art

If it's not Halloween or Christmas, your lawn doesn’t need decorations. End of story. Pink flamingos, birdhouses of every shape and size, metal frogs holding up your ferns, Christmas lights in June, busted solar-powered sidewalk lights, ceramic spheres, and -YES – the little dog warning other dogs not to poop on your lawn – they’ve all got to go. Now. RIP - little metal dog.

Do you know what always looks good in yards? Grass and flowers.

Forgotten Hot Tubs on Back Porches

Hot tubs scream the 1980s, and many can still be found squatting on back porches everywhere. When they are clean and sparkling and functioning, they are amazing! What’s better than a hot soak after a long day? A hot soak with spirits. Not the scary kind of spirits that might hang out with zombies. The kind that comes in a tumbler and mixes great with club soda and lime.

But if your hot tub is no longer in use? It’s time to part ways with this relic and reclaim the space.


I get it. It’s late, and you don’t feel like making your way to bed. You snuggle into that old afghan and pull the lever back until you’re prone. And, yet? Nothing cries dead decor like a Naugahyde recliner with a clunky wooden handle. It’s time to drag this old carcass to the curb.

Can’t bear the thought of parting ways with your favorite napping spot? Spring for the up-to-date, modern version with a hip-looking slipcover. It’s still a recliner but, at least it’ll bring your den into the 21st Century!

New Life for Your Living Room

It can be hard to know when a style you loved has reached its end. But don’t be afraid to give tired home decor styles the ax before your home turns into an episode from Extreme Home Makeover: The Walking Dead Edition.

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