My Brother-in-Law Had A Fling While My Sister Was Pregnant. Here's What I Did.

Roxanne Hale

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My sister was six months pregnant. She and Ben already owned a house together. They were planning a wedding—the whole deal. And our family is known for its fiery tempers. Which is why I am so surprised he did what he did. Did he have a death wish?

My sister is seven years older than me. I was still in high school when this all went down. She was pregnant - like really really pregnant – and already having health complications that kept her confined to the couch. That night I left her sitting on the sofa with a frozen cheesecake and a huge supply of VCR tapes to binge. I headed out to a party. It was taking place in someone’s pasture. That’s where we partied in the rural Texas town I’m from.

The pasture was packed with cars and lots of people dancing, drinking, and having fun. I walked around saying “Hi” to friends. Then I passed by a couple in the bed of a truck who were making out like crazy. No big deal - it was a party, after all. When the guy looked up, I was blown away to see it was my future brother-in-law. My sister’s boyfriend since middle school. Not only that, but the woman he was with was her best friend. I recognized them, but they didn’t see me and got back down to “business.”

I’d never really liked the guy, but he’d been almost a part of our family for years. It didn’t surprise me that he was cheating. He was exactly the type of guy you’d expect to be a cheater. Egotistical and selfish. Still, I was surprised when I caught him in the act, and I was mad as hell.

I left the party immediately and went back to my sister’s house.

When I told her what I’d seen at the party, and she was devasted. The boy she had loved since the sixth grade was cheating on her with her best friend since kindergarten. It completely rocked her world. And she had a baby on the way. Weeping, she packed a bag to move back into the family home.

I felt helpless seeing her so hurt. I was angry too. So angry. That’s why when I saw Ben’s ridiculous collection of designer sunglasses sitting there in its neat little display tray, I couldn’t help myself. What sort of a** collects designer sunglasses anyway? There had to be more than twenty pairs sitting there - perfect and shiny. A complete waste of money.

I turned the oven on broil and slid the entire display case in, just like a casserole dish. Then my sister and I walked out of that house for good. I doubt he was going to need those shades anyway. His future didn’t look too bright from where I stood.

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