3 Tricks to Creating a Striking Space In Your Home

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Taking any room from boring to bold is merely a task of drawing the eye with intention. Doing so means prioritizing a space’s center; where that center lies is determined by where guests immediately look to when they walk in. A boring room entices the eye nowhere and everywhere at once, which can often be the kiss of death for homes sitting on the market. Real estate agents, designers, and homeowners alike can agree there is nothing worse than a room with potential. The time to create something interesting is always now!

Give your home the respect it deserves with these 3 simple ways to add a little excitement to the lifeless corners within it:



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A free, simple, and incredibly satisfying way to achieve subtle boldness in your office, living room, or den area is to organize your at-home library (but make it level 500).

There’s really nothing quite as aesthetic as a neat and systemized display of books. You can take that one step further by arranging the shelves’ contents in a gradient style. Blow the dust off and focus on your color wheel! This continuation of pigment is both calming and striking. The recalibration of such a seemingly insignificant detail of your space will create a distinct and orderly focal point for the eye to land on upon entering, fixing your gaze and emphasizing intricacy among simplicity. Furthermore, the cognitive innovation this little trick implies is enough to impress even the sharpest of bibliophiles. Look at you go, Jane Austen!


While this method of creating drama in your space may be a little more advanced than simply rearranging your bookshelves, it does boast of a slightly bigger payoff. If you’re handy, crafty, or otherwise willing to take on any project you set your eyes on, this tip is for you.

Repurposing tired furniture can be quite the task depending on what you intend to achieve, but it comes with the added bonus of building the rest of your room around it. Whether you are tackling an old set of chairs or hoping to take an old bed frame from useless to storage, there is no wrong way to repurpose… leaving you with plenty of wiggle room in the creativity department. A few interesting ideas for new-to-you pieces are:

· Making an old piano into a wine bar fit for a queen

· Turning an old armoire into a stand-alone pantry with cottage energy

· Transforming an old dresser into a chic vanity


A nice in-between on the difficulty scale, this pro-tip is both the most distinctive and the one your mother-in-law is most likely to love. Win-win! You can never have too many pictures or too much art, right? An amazing way to infuse color and pattern, liven up an otherwise dull room, and incorporate individualism into your home, gallery walls fill empty space without overdoing it. This makes a room feel fully inhabited, and most importantly, serves a multi-purpose function.

It’s up to you as art director to decide whether you utilize photos, art, or both. The ceiling’s the limit!


Where does your eye go immediately upon entering each room in your home, or is it lacking that wow factor?

A great atmosphere starts at the center of attention, and it’s up to you just what that center is. Whether you opt for a neat and tidy approach or an artistic venture, curating an intriguing space that is just bold enough can be tricky, but it’s all about marrying delicate and daring. After all, a great eye-catcher always makes an entrance but never makes a scene.

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