Hiring a Marketing Manager? Six things you should know.

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Are you looking to hire a Marketing Manager? I can tell you everything you need to know. I have been in Marketing Management for almost 20 years. Most of these years were spent in new home sales. I worked for the largest publicly traded homebuilder in America, and I took advantage of every opportunity to expand my professional marketing knowledge.

In researching this piece, I found several articles online with the same theme. I even applauded one article which stated you might want to hire a Marketing Contractor to see how it goes first.
A Freelance Marketer can assist you with a few key areas and costs less than hiring a full-time employee. But if a full-time employee is what you need, let me share some insights.

Companies can be so focused on making sure they hire an employee with the right degree, from the right school, with all the right answers, they forget to ask the right questions. Find out if your interviewee is a problem solver. Ask about communication skills. What are they passionate about? The answers may surprise you and turn a good candidate into a great one.

It’s important to make sure a Marketing Manager has basic skills.

A new hire should be able to design flyers and handouts. This usually requires Adobe Creative Suite skills, which includes programs like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. A candidate who has graphic design skills is a must.

You want someone who is media savvy.
If the interviewee admits they do not have a Facebook or Instagram account, you do not have the right candidate. Social media is very visual and demands a creative personality who is excited about your business and can’t wait to implement new ideas!

Managing social accounts and monitoring metrics takes a lot of time each week. You need someone who understands a variety of social platforms and will expertly guide your company through the channels that are right for your brand.

Your candidate should have a working knowledge of websites.

Your business needs to add new website content several times a month. Google Analytics will provide insight into your user demographics, top visited pages, plus social and paid advertising channels driving traffic to your site. Understanding this information will help you spend money on successful campaigns and pause campaigns that are not working as well.

Look for a candidate who has excellent writing skills.

The reason marketing even exists is to tell a story. Your Marketing Manager should be able to convey your company’s story through well-written emails, flyers, handouts, advertising campaigns, social media, and website copy. Successful marketing campaigns hinge on writing skill ability and creative ways to deliver the same message in multiple ways over time.

Look for a candidate who manages marketing and advertising budgets.

It stands to reason that your Marketing Manager should be able to manage within a set budget. This means keeping track of big expenses, negotiating yearly contracts, and working with vendors for the best pricing on printing, signage, web hosting, and more. An effective marketing manager should be aware of every penny spent and which one of your core marketing pillars that money is supporting.

Look for a candidate who is a researcher.

Will your candidate know how to do everything on your list? Maybe not, but ask what they would do if they are unfamiliar with your processes or programs. A researcher will get online to Google the best solution. Maybe take a class or sign up for a webinar on the subject, use free trials to test new programs, or find a builder partner in another market to learn new techniques. A great Marketing Manager should develop and cultivate connections that will provide consistent, reliable services for your sales and marketing team.

Final Thoughts:

If you are wading through resumes to find the most qualified candidates, don’t forget to ask the right questions. It’s not enough to hire someone who has basic skills. You want to hire someone who loves marketing and is up for any challenge. The right manager will demonstrate qualities that align with your company values.

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