The fifth week of protests in Israel against Netanyahu's controversial reforms

Roxana Anton

Thousands of teachers and students gathered last night in Tel Aviv to protest against the right-wing movement plan of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (source: Aleph News)

"Biden, Macron save us, help us!" Similar messages were written on various placards of the people who were taking part in the protests.

One of the protesters fears that Israel will go back in time if the population does not take a stand and do something before it's too late.

"If the people of Israel don't take a stand, the people will suffer here. People can't stop we can't go back in time. We have to look forward. We can't let them do whatever they want, namely change democracy here in Israel." (Shai Spiegelman, protester) (source: Aleph News)

Protesters believe that it is only a matter of time before the right-wing movement envisioned by Netanyahu destroys the country's democracy.

"We are protesting against the weakening of the judicial system in Israel and the elimination of the separation of authorities. We are students at the university and we are protesting along with our teachers because we believe that this will destroy democracy in Israel. And we are very worried about this." (Nadav Salzberger, protester) (source: Aleph News)

Here you can watch random interviews with people who are protesting.

These protests are being already held for the fifth week against the government’s legal reforms and were held in 20 cities across Israel. (according to The Guardian)

The judicial reforms would allow Israel’s parliament to overrule any supreme court decision with a simple majority of 61 lawmakers in the 120-seat body.

The proposed reforms would also change the system through which judges are appointed, giving politicians more control.

The government has also announced its intention to pursue a policy of settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank, as well as social reforms that have worried the LGBTQ+ community.

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