Opinion: Why did Charlene Wittstock's 45th anniversary remain so quiet and mysterious?

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Princess Charlene WittstockPhoto byInstagram account of hshprincealbertii

HSH Princess Charlene didn't post anything on social media about the celebration of her 45th birthday on January 25.

The big event almost went silently and quietly. Was this her will, or the Grimaldi Palace's?

There is a little bit of mystery around her, she's kept to herself a lot, she's also talked about struggling to make friends because the people of Monaco in her words are quite snobby, so we don't see a lot of her" commented the Royal Expert Natalie Olivieri in an interview.

Charlene's birthday was a little bit left behind, as "a more important day in Monaco" happened on January 27: the country commemorated the Sainte Devote celebrations. (according to Hello Magazine)

It was suggested that the Birthday celebration of Princess Charlene passed quietly because of respect to the third battle of Prince Albert with Coronavirus. (source: honey.nine.com)

The presence of the Princely Family at the Sainte-Dévote chapel in Monaco shows once more a sad, melancholic, maybe tired, not yet fully recovered Charlene. It almost seems as if nothing can make her fully happy.

The evening celebrates Monaco's patron saint by lighting a boat on dire" announced the Daily Mail UK.

The glamorous princess Charlene was wrapped up in a dark grey coat on top of suit trousers and a black sweater as she held a large candle ready to spark a boat burning in a traditional ritual to mark the festivities in honor of the patron saint of Monaco. (according to Daily Mail UK)

But the children Jacques and Gabriella stole the show as they hugged while they watched the boat go up in flames for the celebration, which takes place every year on 26 and 27 January. (Hello Magazine)

Charlene made sure to keep a close eye on her two children as they held the torches and she guided them as they lit the flames.

The lighting of a fishing boat on the eve of 26 January has been a custom in the country since 1874 as Monegasques honor their patron saint, Devota. (according to Hello Magazine)

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