Julia Roberts is not Julia Roberts? What the actress discovered after doing a DNA test

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Julia Roberts (55 years old) had a huge surprise after doing an investigation in the family archives and a DNA test. (source: the Daily Mail UK)

The beloved actress discovered that her name should not be Roberts, as she thought, because her great-great-grandmother, Rhoda Suttle Roberts, had an affair with a married man after the death of her husband, Willis Roberts.

History doctor Henry Louis Gates Jr. informed the star that her great-great-grandfather, Willis Roberts, died almost ten years before her grandfather was born.

“Searching the archives for the Georgia County area, I found that back in the 1850s, Rhoda married a man named Willis Roberts. Julia bears the last name of Willis. But Willis died in 1864, over a decade before Rhoda gave birth to Julia's great-grandfather John, which led to an unexpected conclusion" the historian told the actress, according to the Daily Mail.

In the archives, Willis does not appear on the 1880 census, but her great-grandfather, John Pendleton Roberts, does. “Willis Roberts couldn't have been your great-grandfather. He was dead." – Gates Jr. also called her an actress.

The historian explained to the actress that no details could be found regarding the identity of her great-great-grandfather. He then analyzed the DNA structure of the star and that of a cousin to discover if there was anything that would lead to clarification of the situation.

Gates Jr. explained: "We found something that links Julia and her cousin to one man... Henry MacDonald Mitchell Jr." So, the actress' name should have been Julia Mitchell, according to the historian's conclusion.
"My mind is blown! It's fascinating!” Julia said.

However, the actress declared that she prefers to keep the name Roberts, which consecrated her. (source: Unica. ro)

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