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Saint Nicholas Church revival, after 21 years since the Twin Towers attack

Roxana Anton

The church of Saint Nicholas in New York is reborn 21 years after the tragedy of the Twin Towers, also thanks to the generosity and contribution of the people of Bari. The place of worship overwhelmed by the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on that unfortunately unforgettable September 11, 2001, finally returns to new life. And Operation Saint Nicholas proves to be a success. (according to La Gazzetta del Mezzoggiorno)

In 2004 the Bari expedition - 18 people including city councilors - led by then-mayor Simeone Di Cagno Abbrescia went to the United States to give a tangible sign of solidarity on the part of the city of Bari to the Orthodox Church. It was then deprived of the symbolic place of worship by the murder madness of religious fundamentalism.

The municipal administration in the aftermath of the infamous attack on the World Trade Center was the first to express its intention to make a donation quantified at 500 million lire (later transformed into 258 thousand euros). (source:

The Mayor of Bari and city councilors also go to what at the time was still a crater created by the collapse of the collapsed skyscrapers after being hit by the two planes hijacked by suicide terrorists.

The visit to the two improvised sanctuaries is also moving and painful, set up by the relatives of the over three thousand victims, with photos, testimonies, poems, and epitaphs dedicated to their loved ones.

The visit turns out to be a dive into the pain and despair that the whole world had experienced three years earlier.

«United Pugliesi societies of the metropolitan area» - the foundation that brings together the 20 associations of Bari people in America - expresses joy and pride for the initiative that brings prestige to the Apulian of America. Operation Saint Nicholas, mission accomplished.

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