Julia Roberts has a secret to happy marriage

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The recent "Ticket to Paradise" movie starring the amazing pair of stars and friends, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, was a hit in theatres.

The lovely rom-com filmed during the Pandemic in Bali and Australia brings together, for the fifth time, the Oscar-winning, hilarious George and Julia (they should do another comedy or prank entitled just like that, "George and Julia").

This time, they gave up the "cool gangster" characters, and played something more "classical": the divorced ex-couple who hate each other, at least in theory, and do anything to prevent their daughter from marrying someone who they think is "the wrong guy".

What's authentically funny, on the other hand, is seeing George Clooney and Julia Roberts outside the set.

The "real show" is when they do interviews side by side. They are unstoppable. They can go on and on forever, and you will end up in actual pain caused by so much laughing.

It's obvious that these two "oldies but goldies" have many memories to share, and possibly, for the first time they are relaxed and all things working well, both in their professional and personal lives.

That's why they can relax and have a lot of fun with everything they do or say.

And that's a big thing, that's living.

If you want to have some great laughs these days, stop whatever you are doing and go watch interviews of George and Julia on the many shows they were invited to. You'll understand, then.

One of the cutest things in a Julia Roberts interview was that she shared what she called the secret to a happy, lasting marriage.

According to US Magazine, the five-time winner of "the most beautiful woman in the world" title celebrated twenty years of marriage to cinematographer Danny Moder. And they are still counting. Actually, according to their posts, they are just getting started.

When asked what's the secret to such a long-lasting marriage, Julia replied with one word: kissing.

You can watch the full interview here.

photo of Julia Roberts at CannesPhoto bycredit to Georges Biard on Wikimedia Commons

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