Make Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer your charity of choice for your Amazon purchases

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Fran Drescher / the NannyPhoto byWikimedia commons

"The Nanny is 29 4Eva" - Fran

Fran Drescher, our hilarious Nanny from the beloved TV show that enchanted many generations, is always active and fighting for her good cause.

This genius woman (and team) not only created one of the most beautiful, smart, funny TV shows in history. She (they) is doing a lot of charity, too. And she does it, at 65, with the grace and charm of a timeless superstar.

(By the way, how is it possible that Fran looks like that, at 65? What kind of magic does she operate, to be that timelessly gorgeous?)

On her Instagram profile, we can see her more gloomy than ever, promoting a campaign that should bring some good earnings to her heart charity foundation, called "Cancer Schmancer".

" Make your charity of choice for all your Amazon purchases! It’s an EZ way to donate and doesn't cost you anything except the time it takes to set it up. Just a few clicks and part of every purchase goes to cancer schmancer. Help us help you stay healthy! "

What Fran is saying, is that you can be a big help, during your Holidays purchases, to young people by preventing or curing cancer.

You can go to and shop the store, or you can text the word "Fran" to 44-321, being of great help to the organization.

"Let's help young people with cancer, let's motivate women to get preventative screenings, let's make our planet a healthier and more sustainable one," Fran says in her brief Instagram message.

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