George Clooney started to be successful in LA with bike tour auditions

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We all love George Clooney and Julia Roberts. What better than "Hollywood's old gang"?

They practically "relaunched" their popularity in their latest romcom released together, "Ticket to Paradise".

Clooney's "wild dance" scene is one of his best latest marketing moves. It's so hilarious and fun it makes both Julia and George appear popular and "cool" again.

I am not a big fan of George, but I like his sense of humor and pranks.

I also like Julia Roberts a lot.

And would not miss a movie where these two "oldies but goldies" have so much fun (especially since they make so much fun of themselves).

I did see the film in a theatre and loved it. But mostly - I love to watch the interviews and the behind-the-scenes moments with these two.

They are so much fun together, they make delicious movie scenes just by sitting next to each other, doing jokes, pranks, and whatever comes to their creative minds and feel like they want to do.

Seing them together, in "Ticket to Paradise" gave me the idea that they are finally happy and free to play whatever they want. They can finally be themselves and have true, authentic fun.

This state of mind is glowing right through the screen, it's what makes this movie (and all Julia and George's interviews) worth seeing.

Speaking of George Clooney, he was not always like that. Actually, from his interviews, we learn that he had quite a struggling time before his glowing career in movies.

In a Graham Norton Show interview, George genuinely remembers how he would live in LA with only five bucks a day and go on castings by riding a bike until he landed some good jobs.

But he was 21 or 22, and nothing seemed hard by then, he recalls.

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