Stressless with a good read: Marco Polo and his adventures in China, in the XIII Century

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A good idea to learn something new and distract your mind from negative thoughts is to read something interesting, that can get your attention.

How many of us still read traveling books? And if you do, why not read one of the most famous books in history?

The adventures and life of the famous Marco Polo could be exactly what you don't know almost anything about but could spice up your life in a beautiful way and give you that motivation to get out of bed and live another day on the path of wisdom, adventure, and knowledge.
Arrival of Polo brothers to Ayas. Le Livre des MerveilleMazarine Master

Marco Emilio Polo (1254 – 1324) was a Venetian merchant, explorer, and writer who traveled through Asia along the Silk Road between 1271 and 1295. (Wikipedia)

His travels are recorded in The Travels of Marco Polo (also known as Book of the Marvels of the World and Il Milione, c. 1300), a book that described to Europeans the then mysterious culture and inner workings of the Eastern world, including the wealth and great size of the Mongol Empire and China in the Yuan Dynasty, giving their first comprehensive look into China, Persia, India, Japan, and other Asian cities and countries. (source: Wikipedia)

His book remained in the history of literature for the beautiful narration of the voyage from Venice to China, a land that was then unknown to Europeans.

You can say that Marco Polo invented, in a way, the cultural way of traveling. (source: "Guida alla percezione del Viaggio" - Luca Ortino - "Marco Polo e il viaggio meraviglioso")

Disclaimer: The author has a Degree in Foreign Languages and literature concerning French and Italian cultures.
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