Former Disco Star Amanda Lear on Italian Television: Dalì Was Reciting Me Poetry from Garcìa Lorca

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On November 21st, the famous Amanda Lear (age 81-82) appeared on the Italian show Verissimo, sharing about her long and interesting career, but also former lovers such as Salvador Dalì or David Bowie.

The French singer, songwriter, painter, television presenter, actress, and former model who had a lot of success starting the sixties shared some precious memories.

About Salvador Dalì, she said that he was like no other man that she had ever met.

“He was a magical person, creative, full of imagination. He was a showman, acted like a pop star. I was very much in love with him, because, even if physically he was not what I was looking for, he had a crazy charm. He was so cultured, he knew everything, he looked me in the eye and recited a poem by Garcia Lorca. It was something ... No one had ever treated me like that. He won me over and we stayed together for 15-16 years ”. (

Amanda Lear met Salvador Dalì in 1965 in Paris. She was a model in her twenties, he was a famous Spanish surrealist painter in his sixties, already married to his wife Gala.

According to libreriamo. it, the painter was right away fascinated by her unconventional, androgynous beauty. They started a relationship that lasted 15 years, marked by an incredible affinity between the two. He was calling her "my angel", she said they had a "spiritual marriage" while sharing him with his older wife, in a ménage a trois.

"Salvador Dali was spiritually in love with his wife Gala, but he also loved me. He said he was crazy about my skeleton because I was very thin. Sex was not a factor in our threesome relationship, ours was a relationship of absolute harmony, spiritual love, and art". (

Amanda's lover's list includes Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, who made her a song: Miss Amanda Jones. Also, Brian Ferry from Roxy Music.

On the list, there was the incredible David Bowie too.
David Bowie, shooting his video for Rebel Rebel in AVRO's TopPop (Dutch television show) in 1974AVRO/ Creative Commons Attribution

It was him to discover her musical talent, and introduce her to musical success.

According to, he had met her in London, 1974.

“He wanted to meet me after seeing me on the cover of the Roxy Music record”, said the model, who had a two-year love story with Bowie. “He was a particular person: mysterious, reserved. However, I will never forget him.”

It was Bowie himself to convince her, in the mid-70s, to try a musical career. Lear was then only a model and would never have thought of being able to be a singer. By the time they got together, his marriage was ending. (source:

According to Wikipedia, from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, Amanda Lear was a million-album-selling disco queen, mainly in Continental Europe and Scandinavia.

Lear's first four albums earned her mainstream popularity, charting in the top 10 of European charts, including the best-selling Sweet Revenge (1978). Her bigger hits included "Blood and Honey", "Tomorrow", "Queen of Chinatown", "Follow Me", "Enigma (Give a Bit of Mmh to Me)", "The Sphinx", and "Fashion Pack".

By the mid-1980s, Lear had become a leading media personality in Italy, where she hosted many popular TV shows.

Although television took priority over musical activity, she continued to record, experimenting with different genres and trying to revive her career by re-recording and remixing earlier hits to various levels of success. Lear has also developed a successful career in painting, which she has long described as her biggest passion, and regularly exhibited her works in galleries across Europe and beyond since the early 1980s. She has also written a few autobiographies, including My Life with Dalí.

Enjoying good health, the former disco star currently lives in the South of France.

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