Opinion: Help to Wake Up Early During Dark, Cold Mornings

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Some days might be so grey and cold that you wouldn't even want to wake up, especially if it has to be very early in the morning.

In case you are struggling with waking up at impossible hours, the following tips might help you.

Download a Good App To Help You Wake Up

There are a few apps to help you wake up and stay up when you feel like it's impossible to open your eyes and get out of bed.

Do you have that feeling "I'm simply going to die if I put my leg outside the blanket"? This app might be surprisingly helpful (among many others).

It's called Alarmy and helps you set a lot of functions, besides the simple alarm.

It can make you solve a complicated equation before it shuts the alarm off, and by then, you will probably be fully awake.

It can make you walk 100 steps, shake the phone 100 times before it shuts up, solve a puzzle, and do other similar tasks.

Put your Phone/Clock Alarm As Far Away from the Bed as You Can

You will be forced to get out of bed and reach your phone alarm/clock, even if it's in another room.

You could also set the alarm to a favorite song, and do a little dance around the house. You will be fully up and ready for the new day.

Something Delicious Must Wait for You in the Kitchen

You can ask someone from the family, or do it yourself. The important thing is to be delicious, to warm you up, giving you the good energy for the day.

It can be anything, of course, but now we are talking about food and beverage.

Think of a favorite receipt of hot chocolate, or a splendid Italian cappuccino with soy milk... Together with delicious pancakes that you prepared the night before.

What probably works well during cold mornings is to drink something hot and healthy, like a cappuccino made with soy milk, a matcha latte, a cup of hot milk with cocoa, a hot tea made with petals of roses (just one of the endless options).

Make sure to organize the ingredients the night before, so that they will be easy to grab and prepare, very early in the morning.

If you sip your favorite hot cup of chocolate, coffee, or tea while scrolling the posts of your favorite Instagram Influencer, your morning routine might become quite pleasant.

Read Quotes that Inspire You or Make You Laugh

This is going to be a pleasant way to start your morning and might give you the right motivation to start your busy day.

There are endless books out there, full of funny and wise, interesting quotes for each day of the year.

Another interesting idea is to write down in a notebook 101 wishes. Each page must have a clear sentence, not very long, containing a wish.

Read those in the morning, out loud if possible, and you will already feel more motivated to start the day.

Last But Not Least: Pray or Meditate

Depending on everyone's religion and spiritual opinions, taking a small break every morning to address your wishes to the Universe or God is part of a process that makes the human mind and soul enter a deep state of wellbeing.

When you address your wishes and thoughts to the universe, early in the morning, you already give them a chance to manifest during the day.

For Christians and religious people, having a book of prayers near your bed can be a great idea. Read your favorite prayer, and start your day trustful that everything is going to be just fine.

In time, this practice will elevate you to a higher state of consciousness, where it will be easier to solve any problem in your life.

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