Princess Charlene Will Not Stay In Monaco In the Near Future

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The breaking news has just arrived: according to hello magazine, Her Serene Highness Charlene Wittstock, of age 43, is not about to stay inside the Principality of Monaco and is not going to attend the Celebration of the National Fiest, which is going to take place on November 19th.

The Palais Princier has released a statement where it is explained that due to the strong and complicated health issues that kept her away in South Africa for many months, Her Serene Majesty will not be able to live in Monaco, for the time being.

She needs a period of recovery and rest, as we all know health is the most important thing.

The Princess needs a period of recovery and rest, that could take her away from the Principality for several weeks, from now on, we read in Hello Magazine.

She will be living in a secret place, outside of the Principality.

We can imagine that, due to the Covid risk of infection, Her Serene Majesty must be more protected than ever. In South Africa, she had precisely an infection that had to do with the nose, ears, and throat.

A possible Covid infection could be devastating for her already fragile health.

His Serene Majesty Prince Albert and six-year-old twins, Jacques and Gabriella, will be there tomorrow at the National Day of Monaco (French: La Fête du Prince, literally Prince's holiday) also known as The Sovereign Prince's Day. (source)

The late Prince Rainier III chose 19 November for the celebration, the day that celebrates Saint Rainier.

When Prince Albert II ascended the throne he chose the same day as his father, instead of the day of St. Albert, 15 November. The 19 November also happens to be the same day of Albert II's official ascension to the throne.

The national day of Monaco is typically celebrated with fireworks over the harbor the evening before and a religious service in the St. Nicholas Cathedral the next morning.

The people of Monaco may celebrate by displaying the Monegasque flag.

It is an opportunity to see the pomp and circumstance of the Principality. Knights of Malta, distinguished ambassadors, consuls, and state officials wear medal-laden uniforms as they congregate in the Saint Nicholas Cathedral after the mass.

A Piece of Monaco's History

On, we can read:

The sheltered harbor of Monaco was initially inhabited by the Greeks in 6 BC, who named it Monoikos. Legend has it that Hercules passed through Monaco and a temple was built to honor him, the Temple of Monoikos. Historically, Monaco was part of France, but in 1215, it became a colony of Genoa through a land grant from Emperor Henry VI. The Grimaldi family settled in Monaco in 1297 and ancestors of the family have controlled the principality for over 715 years now.

Today, Monaco is governed by a constitutional monarchy but is a protectorate of France.
In 1949, Prince Rainier III ascended to the throne of Monaco and married the beautiful American actress, Grace Kelly in 1956. Prince Rainier III played an important role in bringing economic prosperity to the area and his wife played a large part out in promoting the arts and bringing glamour to the small nation. (source:

The country has developed from tourism (splendid Mediterranean views), gambling at the famous Casinos, and banking. The principality’s tax-free status and no income tax have attracted many rich residents. (source:
View of the south balcony heading to the Mediterranean Sea of the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco.Diego Delso/Wikimedia Commons

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