Why Were Cats Worshipped in Ancient Civilizations?

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With a history of more than 5000 years, cats have had a turbulent history. Worshipped during ancient civilizations, they were considered sacred, with magical powers, sent by the Gods.

During the Inquisition though, they were tortured and burnt (especially the black ones).

It was said that, if you see a black cat by the moonlight, you were expected to die.

In our times, cats are attributed phenomenal psychic powers, such as telepathy or premonition.

Cats were venerated in Ancient Egypt, since 2009 b.Ch, when they saved the country from famine.

They took care of mice who were eating the country's grain reserve.

Long story short, this is how cats started to become sacred.

Basted, the goddess with a female body and face of a woman is one of the best known, an Aegyptian tribute to the delicate, warm, mysterious nature of the cat.

Cats were seriously protected by the law, mummified with texts and sacred symbols, and buried in golden sarcophaguses.

In Japan, according to the Buddhist religion, cats facilitated the road to Nirvana.

In China, there was the belief that they could see and chase maleficient spirits.

In Thailand, even in the XXth century, kings were buried in the presence of cats.

Scientists were often wondering why this animal has been so adored, during past civilizations.

There are extravagant beliefs, that cats have extraterrestrial origins. According to Egyptian beliefs, the Gods came to Earth from planet Syrius, bringing with them the cats. These Gods were representing a superior civilization and visited the Earth many times.

This could explain why cats have been worshipped since forever, in the major cultures and religions all over the world. With large rituals and ceremonies.

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Nowadays, it is believed that they have extra sensorial powers, which allow them to make their owners live longer and happier. It is still a mystery how some can predict the future and many events, also having telepathic powers.

They can sense danger before anyone else, warning their masters.

There were a few cases when cats tried to warn people before bombardments, or other unhappy events.

Concerning mental health, the treatment with cats gave excellent results, based on their unique capacity of establishing an emotional connection with the patient.

There are beliefs concerning the fact that owning Norvegian cats with big fur, angora cats, Persian, is excellent against headache, depression, anxiety, insomnia.

Siamese cats chase the viruses away, black cats are perfect for improving the quality of your sleep, and white cats make the stomachache go away.

With all this being said, maybe you will re-think the idea of adopting a cat.

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