Princess Charlene of Monaco, Finally Home With Her Beloved Family

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It is true, the news is spreading like the wind.

According to and other sources, Princess Charlene has finally made it home, to Monaco, near her beloved twins and husband, Prince Albert. Palace Grimaldi is her home, again.
Grimaldi Palace, Monaco/ Pufacz / Wikimedia Commons/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

She took a flight Sunday night, from South Africa to Nice.

There, she was taken by helicopter back to Monaco, where her beautiful twins Jacques and Gabriella were waiting for her with flowers.

According to Oggi. it is such a beautiful gesture, that remembers the times when, half a century ago, Prince Rainier of Monaco was waiting for the legend, Grace Kelly, for a fabulous and legendary wedding.

The Princess was probably very happy to hug her children again, after eight months of separation, when they only got to visit her once or twice.

Her long stay away from Monaco was due, as there have been several times declared, to Charlene's health problems. During her visit in February, she got a severe infection that caused several surgical procedures. Because of all that surgery, the Princess lost a lot of weight, she was unable to move, and to get on a plane. She only could see Albert and the children once, during the entire eight months.

Now, her health seems to be stable. The nightmare seems to be left behind, and life can start again, especially as Charlene and Albert are involved in plenty of humanitarian work.

On her Instagram profile, HSH Princess Charlene posted a beautiful picture, where she hugs her husband and children, with the following message:

"Happy day today. Thank you all for keeping me strong!!"

They all look stunning, happy, and healthy, and Albert is radiant. Seems like all the gossip about his flirt with other women while Charlene was away was just that - gossip.

Charlene came back to her enchanted kingdom, right before the National Holiday of Monaco, on the 19th of November.
View of Monaco/Diego Delso/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Let's hope that the Royal family of Monaco will be happy and healthy again and that they will help by continuing their humanitarian work, wherever it is needed.
Royal Monogram of Princess Charlene of Monaco/ Glasshouse/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

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