Fran Drescher: Is The Nanny Coming Back?

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After 28 years since the famous sitcom first went on air, "The Nanny" is still incredibly smart, entertaining, and fun to watch. If you read comments from fans all over the world, they even say that the show is the best produced in the United States.

It has smart humor, loveable characters, a beautiful script, lots of fashion, lovely children, depicting a lovely typical American home and family. It's pretty much what every woman in the world would love to watch on Tv.

If you feel like you want to spend a few weeks of laughing and total relaxation with a brilliant story and characters that go beyond the screen - they can become family - then "The Nanny" is the right sitcom for you.

When I first heard that the sitcom might come alive again, after all these years, I thought they were joking, but I still had tears in my eyes for the joy of this incredible idea.

Not only was the show great for its humor and such well-played characters (stunning actors), but the vintage wave that we see today in fashion and influencer business makes the sitcom a great inspiration.

Many of the outfits that the nanny Fran was wearing during the six seasons are a total inspiration for the new wave of fashionistas out there, who now have the chance to rediscover a "flashy girl from Flushing". Fran Fine knew how to wear a colorful suit, mini skirts, and high heels with a humorous intelligence, brilliant lines, a "big hair that makes the hips look thinner", plenty of confidence, and an awesome personality.

The nanny Fine represents in a way what all young women dream to be: gorgeous, funny, warm, confident, extremely lovable, stylish, with plenty of time for their passions and self-care, the soul of a gorgeous house that belongs (only by accident) to a gorgeous millionaire, meeting famous people from showbiz, and the list goes on.

The comeback, for now, is a new Broadway theatre version of "The Nanny", announced to be soon released, probably once the pandemic will come to an end, and New York theatres will come alive again.

In the meantime, you can watch "The Nanny" on HBO Max and Dailymotion, while hoping and praying that the entire cast will produce a comeback of the beloved show.
Wikimedia Commons/Manfred Werner - Tsui

How would you like to see the new adventures of Fran and Maxwell while taking care of their new children, CC and Nials produce some more of their famous, hilarious lines, while raising their children, and some more famous people coming and going to Sheffield's place? What about Fran's colorful mother Silvia's endless (non)diets and grandma Yetta's endless love affairs? Who misses them and wants them to return to TV?

In the meantime, if you miss Fran, do have a look at the online events on her charity platform,

You will listen to amazing artists like Cindy Lauper or Tena Arena, and learn how you too can contribute to the fight against cancer.

Fun Facts About Fran

The Nanny Fran was fully inspired after Fran Drescher's personal life, family, memories. She declared in many interviews that she wanted the character would only be successful if authentic. That's why she never wanted to change, for instance, her voice.

The real Fran was born in 1957, in Queens, New York City, the younger daughter of Sylvia, a bridal consultant, and Morty Drescher, a naval systems analyst.

Her family is Jewish, from Southeast and Central Europe.

Her maternal great-grandmother Yetta was born in Focșani, Romania, and immigrated to the United States, while her father's family came from Poland. She has an older sister, Nadine. (source: Wikipedia)

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