Charlene, Princess of Monaco: Disease, Gossip, and Surgery

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They were so cute together, Charlene and Albert. They seemed to renew the "fairytale dream".

But what is the truth behind Charlene's disease, and about the hart time she had to face this year?
Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Vatican meeting Pope Francis/ Tokuburai Creative Commons

We read much contradictory news, during the past months.

Charlene had to fly to her original country, South Africa, last March 2021, due to the strong support she shows to her people.

She had a lot going on, with the work for her foundation, raising funds for the salvation of wild animals of Africa, and all sorts of humanitarian causes.

But something happened out there, in the Princess's native country, and she has been away from Monaco for seven months now.

The rumors concerning her departure were endless: from a volunteer separation and imminent divorce (Prince Albert has recently been photographed smiling at Sharon Stone on the Red Carpet) to Charlene being a victim to unclear practices of South African magic.

Everything about her has been said.

Charlene cleared the reasons for her long stay in South Africa, explaining that she had undergone surgery for the maxillary sinus lift. After the surgery, however, an ENT infection had taken over, hence the inability to move: her auditory system could not withstand the pressure of an airplane trip. (source: vanity

She had problems with her ears, nose, and throat. According to online sources, she had to do surgery three times and was going through several collapses.

In the past days, Albert said she was feeling better and was soon to return home.

Beyond all the gossip and rumors, it is remarkable to look at Charlene's face, in the past years and today, at the veil of sweet melancholy that makes her stunning beauty shine even more.

As if she were fully aware of the responsibilities that come with her Role. As if she knew, from the start, that a Princess's life isn't all about roses and diamonds, but a lot about being in people's faces all the time.

It is rare to see a woman of such beauty and noblesse. It's like she was born to be a Princess.

Her splendid eyes reflect the gentleness of her heart.

We pray that you are well, wherever you are, Splendid, Beautiful Princess, Humanitarian Ambassador, and Mother. You are probably one of the World's most beautiful persons.

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