Adele: New Message, Song, and Album

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Adele on tour, 2011/Egghead06 on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution

Let's hope that this is a sign that the pandemic is (hopefully) arriving at an end, and we will have artists tour and live shows with no worries, anytime soon.

Adele's music and rare appearances are a sort of a miracle.

She is like no one else today in the musical field and reminds of golden superstars such as Etta James or Ella Fitzgerald, with a touch of Whitney Houston. Maybe a touch of Barbra Streisand.

Her appearance every 5-6 years is like fresh air to the musical landscape, dominated by looks, much more than beautiful music with a message for true humans.
Source: Kristopher Harris/Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons attribution

The new single Adele released five days ago is, as we are used to, in black and white, just like the memorable Hollywood films from the Forties and the Fifties.

It starts while she is rediscovering a typical British country house, that could be the house of her childhood.

In my opinion, her first albums 19 and 21 were amazing, (especially 21), as her fame was rising, as the teenager rejected by boyfriends was going through an entire process of self-discovery and becoming more mature.

One of the reasons to appreciate Adele and her music is that it's about an entire self-discovery, self-analysis process. It's about a young woman who tries to understand herself, men, and the world.

And that, of course, can be recognized in every young woman out there who dares to be honest and call things and emotions by their name.

It's as if Adele had a scrapbook, and from time to time, opened it and shared it with the world.

" Go easy on me baby/ I was still a child / Didn’t get the chance to / Feel the world around me /I had no time to choose /What I chose to do / So go easy on me", she sings, in her recent youtube video, that already reached a total of over 100 million views. As we know, it's only the beginning.

To me, that's self-therapy.

As Adele says in one of her latest interviews, she learned a lot in the past years of silence on social media and got closer to understanding the storm of emotions inside her. That, also overcoming a painful divorce and learning to be a good mom.

Drums play, as the new album called 30 will be released in November. It's already available in the singer's official shops!

This sort of "strategy" works: when you don't show up for a lot of time, people are curious about you, your life, and your new releases.

You acquire the quality to not be "in their faces" and boring.

Welcome again to our world, complex, splendid Woman and Singer Adele!
Adele - Seattle, WA - 2011/Creative Commons Attribution, Wikimedia Commons

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