From 2022 Italy Might Eliminate the Green Pass

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As I stated in one of my previous articles, the situation in Italy is pretty good right now, from a pandemic point of view. The vaccine had a main role in getting out of the impasse we all had to face in the last two years.

With the Covid vaccine rate at more than 80%, and people still running to receive the two shots of vaccine, the virus is kept under control and the economic and social situation is starting to be good again. Life seems to be almost back to normal, as before. (source: Italian friends)

Right now, several news channels (like Il Corriere, La Stampa, etc) are even discussing whether the Government will cancel the Green Pass and masks starting next year.

Starting 15th of October this year, the Green Pass was mandatory for those who enter bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, gyms, and other common meeting places.

But also for working places, public or private. Even if people are doing homework, they must have the Green Pass.
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Of course, the measure accelerated the vaccination campaign, but also caused a lot of protests all over the country.

The fact is that the Green Passport could have a short life if the vaccination campaign will continue to be so successful in Italy.

Some politicians even stated that, with 90% of the population vaccinated, they could take into consideration eliminating the Green Pass.

If things go well, this could happen already from January 2022.

Not with masks, though. They are a fine safety measure well-intended to protect people and are probably here to stay for a few years from now on.

At least, until data about the Pandemic will be very reassuring.

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