Italy Was the Fastest European Country to Implement the Vaccine Campaign

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As Italy's premier Mario Draghi states, Italy did a huge effort to accelerate the vaccine campaign.

As the European Community efforts had satisfactory results, in Italy 86% of the people above the age of 12 received at least one shot, and 81% received both the two shots of the anti-Covid vaccine.

This accelerator process took place in the last few months, Draghi adds. (source: yahoo

As a result of this extraordinary effort, Italy can afford today to keep schools open, people can go back to the office, pubs, restaurants and even clubs are open, and so on.

Economy and social spaces have returned to what they were before the pandemic.

Most activities are back to normal, people can travel and enjoy life again, especially as they have downloaded now the Green Pass.
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It is still mandatory to keep the mask on your face, as a safety protection measure, in close spaces such as restaurants, public transportation, plains, offices, spas, and so on.

But thanks to the Green Pass, life is closer to normality than ever.

The pandemic is now under control in Italy, with almost 4000 new infections as of today.

If you live for instance in a beautiful space by the seaside, with fewer people than in the big cities, you barely feel that there is a pandemic anymore. Except for when you have to enter the closed spaces, like shops, supermarkets, trains, theatres, restaurants, and so on.

There are rumors that even the Green Pass will disappear when the vaccination rate will reach 90%, and only masks will be kept, as a safety measure.

People over sixty will probably have to take the third shot of the vaccine.

Let's all pray that the situation stays like this, and improves.

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