Country Affected by Covid: Romania, Europe. People Die inside Ambulances

Roxana Anton

Romania is now the worst affected country in Europe, due to the new Covid wave.

Deaths are reaching a media of 300 every day, with rights like 600, on the 18th and 19th of October.

Sick people wait outside of the hospitals, as there is no more space inside, for the very serious cases.

Intensive recovery is full, doctors and hospitals reached a situation as never seen before, similar to an invasion.

Medical staff from other countries is engaged in the fight against the virus, but the situation is still beyond control.

They are even sending people in advanced states with breathing problems in neighbour countries like Hungary.

It's the oxygen that misses, in most cases.

As Euronews states: "Ambulances are often used as waiting rooms where patients are connected to vital oxygen supplies. Some of them, who waited for days, died before they could be taken into the hospital."

For instance, in Galati, one of the medium cities in Romania, 18 persons were dying in the last 24 hours, and all of them had not taken a Covid vaccine. (Source: Euronews)

The Numbers Say Everything

As the colder weather arrived in the Eastern European Country of Romania (about 17-18 C°), it was obvious that the Covid cases were expected to increase. And so the recoveries.

There are, according to Euronews, about 15000 new cases every day.

This situation is due, medical staff considers, to the low vaccination rate: only 30% in Romania, as per this date.

People are still scared and refractory to the vaccine, as they say, they wait to see what symptoms will arrive in the future, for those who already got a vaccine.

Few people, especially the older ones, have already the two shots of the Covid vaccine and are considering taking the third shot, too. (source: the testimony of Romanian friends in Bucharest).

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