Top Madonna's Best Moments, and Inspiration from Classic Hollywood

Roxana Anton

Sometimes, I feel like Madonna, this amazing artist who stays amazing even though so many years have gone by, is a little bit underrated.

She should be appreciated, if only because she worked so hard, and she still does.

Of course, she always had a controversial style, and maybe was not the best example from certain points of view.

But if we look at things differently, if we acknowledge that, from a 16 years-old girl who had lost her mother, who moved alone to New York and built herself, completely alone, to become one of the biggest stars on the planet; from that point of view, she is by far an amazing example who teaches that anyone can succeed with anything they want.

It's obvious, in Madonna's case, that it was not only about luck, looking good, and using all the advantages that a pretty girl has.

Looking good takes a lot of work and sacrifice, but being a star of her caliber - and maintaining that status for over forty years, that, takes a lot of work.

Madonna isn't just one of the best-looking women in the world and always has been.

She truly has achieved it all: being named Queen of Pop, being one of the best singers, songwriters, and performers in the world, winning multiple prizes, like seven Grammy Awards, and two Golden Globe Awards; she was an actress, a producer, she wrote books, she put together her shows, and much more. And, of course, she is a mother.

Not to forget - she was married twice, has two children, and adopted others.

To me, the essence of Madonna is her artistic skills - I will never forget her shows, what an amazing dancer and performer she was/are on stage. I can easily call her a Michael Jackson, the feminine variant.

Also, she had an incredible strategy, to become popular like no one else, and to conquer the world, while being one of the most influential personalities for women, in our modern times.

I, like many other girls, grew up fascinated by this incredibly powerful, gifted woman, who was, among all, working incredibly hard to be independent, wealthy, send messages to the world, be inspirational, help people, achieve her goals, and do whatever she wanted to do.

Wrong or right in many aspects, up to everyone to decide, Madonna is also a symbol of freedom, of stereotypes challenging, in a world dominated by the judgment of the female body and the role of women in society.

Finally, I want to pay a small tribute to her amazing work and career, by pointing out a few moments when I think she was inspired by great stars of Classic Hollywood, showing that Madonna wanted to become a true star, that she was seeking for that "he ne sais quoi" hard to define, that a Hollywood diva from the past had.

Material Girl (1985)

It's one of the songs and song videos that transformed Madonna into a worldwide icon, and one of her most obvious inspirations from the Hollywood golden era.

The music video for the song is an imitation of Marilyn Monroe's performance as she sings Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

The imitation is interspersed with a parallel story, starring a Hollywood director who tries to win the heart of an actress, played by Madonna herself. The video reveals that, contrary to the lyrics of the song, the young woman is not attracted to money and expensive gifts. (Wikipedia)

Madonna has performed the song on five of her world tours; many of the performances are inspired by the music video. (Wikipedia)

Dick Tracy (1990)

Madonna is amazing in this multiple Oscar-winning action film, playing Breathless Mahoney, a splendid performer who wins Dick Tracy's heart but also plays a double game with the head of the mafia (portrayed by Al Pacino).

Madonna's performance in this film was probably underrated, but it's worth seeing it, to understand that she was also a good actress, which is actually what she wanted her career to be about, in the first place (besides to be a dancer).

She looks so much like a diva from the past, in the Marilyn Monroe - Marlene Dietrich style.

It was pretty obvious that she had great admiration for the classics, that they were such an inspiration to her personality and career.

Vogue (1990)

Madonna's inspiration from the Classics, especially Marlene Dietrich, is so much more obvious in the video of this famous, statement song.

The way she looked and moved, even her facial expressions are so much like Marlene Dietrich's.

Take a Bow (1994)

If you want a wonderful display of the vintage-chic style, with hats, veils, gloves, brooches, stunning dresses and make-up, and much more, then this video is definitely for you.

Not to mention - the story of the video is beautiful, amazingly filmed. I think it's one of those great music videos, with a true message and interpretation, like we don't see today anymore.

Hollywood (2003)

"Hollywood" is a folk rock, synth-pop, electro-folk, electropop and psychedelic folk song that lyrically discusses American culture and greed, focusing on Hollywood, California, as a place of pop stars and illusory dreams. (Wikipedia)

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