The Iconic Story of Carolyn Bessette and John F. Kennedy Jr.

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Actually, the early story has something of a fairytale.

Ladies, here is a short inside into the famous fashion and style icon of the Nineties, Carolyn Besset's early life, and her romance with the most wanted bachelor back then, John F. Kennedy Jr.

Together with a few fun life lessons that you can learn from her, to get the most desirable bachelor in your area.

This fairy tale should have never ended the way it did, with the airplane crash in Massachusetts, but unfortunately, that's destiny.

As it has been said such many times in the press, the Kennedys had some sort of bad luck in their destiny, that led to their tragic end.

Dying in their thirties, Carolyn Bessette and John F. Kennedy Jr. had everything one could hope in life, except for more life.

Carolyn was born in New York, in a non-wealthy family, and got a degree in education.

Since her early years in high school, she was noted and voted as popular and beautiful.

She dated the most popular guys, she went to all the right parties, she was in the right circles.

She even had a brief, non-profitable career as a model.

That sort of energy was probably already shaping her path to the fame that came later.

Carolyn then worked for Calvin Klein, a high-end American fashion house.

During her successful career there, she went from being a saleswoman to becoming the director of publicity.

While working for Klein in Boston, Bessette was noticed by Susan Sokol, a traveling sales coordinator for the company. (source: Wikipedia)

Sokol, impressed with Bessette's grace and style, later recommended her for a position dealing with Klein's high-profile clients, such as actress Annette Bening and newscaster Diane Sawyer. (source: Wikipedia)

By the time she left Calvin Klein, Carolyn was the Director of Show Productions earning a salary in the low six figures. (source: Wikipedia)

In this high-end social circle, Bessette finally met America's most wanted bachelor at the time, Kennedy Jr., in 1992, while he was dating actress Daryl Hannah.

Bessette and Kennedy began dating in 1994 and became a popular paparazzi target.

It is said that they were followed everywhere they went, even waited outside of their home.

Carolyn was often embarrassed by such fame and attention, stating that she couldn't even try to get a job or continue with her career, without being accused that she was using fame to get anywhere. (Wikipedia)

Carolyn and John's 1996 wedding was kept secret from the paparazzi.

The ceremony took place by candlelight on the remote Georgia island of Cumberland, in a tiny wooden chapel, the First African Baptist Church. Kennedy's family attended the wedding, and the fresh couple honeymooned in Turkey.

The idea about how Carolyn managed to "get" America's most wanted bachelor at that time, was about her style and grace, for sure, but it was probably also about her hard career work.

And, even more, for sure, it was destiny and that sort of love at first sight magic, that rarely happens between chosen ones.

Carolyn was that one person who had a natural talent for public relations, connecting with the right people at the right time.

Also, she never seemed to want to appear as a very elegant, high-style person.

Often compared to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, her style was very simple, with linear clothes in neutral colors, like white, black, and beige. She wore those quite often.

Also, very few jewelries.

She was remarkable wearing jeans, high-end shoes, and an unforgettable pair of oval sunglasses.

She dressed as if she wanted to escape, not attract, the paparazzi

The couple valued privacy and freedom of personal life, even though they were the center of the social and popular New York scene.

They managed to preserve the mystery, being the delight of the press and creating a legend.
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