Things You Might Have in Common With Jackie Kennedy

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In this piece, I will be concentrating on Jackie Kennedy Onassis and her private, early life.

Not many of us might know details about her, and you will be surprised how many things you might have in common with one of America's most praised, influential, controverted, and loved, first ladies.

Jackie was born in an affluent family from New York, baptized and raised in the Catholic Roman faith.

She was the most loved of the family's children, and it is believed that her later confidence, independence, and strong personality were due to her father's love, and positive, appreciative attitude towards her.

From an early age, Jacqueline was an enthusiastic equestrienne who successfully competed in the sport; horse-riding remained a lifelong passion. (source: Wikipedia)

She took ballet lessons, was an avid reader, and excelled at learning languages.

Now please tell me, dear ladies, how many of you find yourselves to have those passions?

Many of us are indeed avid readers, we have a born love for dancing, and a penchant for art and elegance, even if not all of us were able to attend fancy schools.

Jackie was speaking English, French, Spanish, and Italian. She had special training in the French language.

Actually, I found that detail quite surprising, as I myself, have always had a love for the French language and literature, being graduated in Foreign Languages.

How many of you ladies fluently speak several foreign languages?

Jackie was also the daughter of a divorce, as her parent's marriage had fallen apart, on the background of the 1929 financial crisis, and upcoming of the Word War II.

This makes me think of my parent's problems and divorce, on the Communist regime we have escaped, and the recent worldwide Covid crisis we have just survived.

According to her cousin John H. Davis, Jacqueline was deeply affected by the divorce and subsequently had a "tendency to withdraw frequently into a private world of her own." (source: Wikipedia, Jackie's biography)

As a young student, Jackie "graduated among the top students of her class and received the Maria McKinney Memorial Award for Excellence in Literature". (source: Wikipedia)

I completely recognize myself in this young portrait of Jackie, and I am sure many of you do.

My point: if any of these things happened to you ladies, don't think of yourselves as misfortunate.

If you love literature, elegance, and things that not everyone shares in your circle or environment, don't think that you are somehow "inappropriate".

These might be special, unique passions that can work to your advantage.

As it happened to Jackie when marrying the man who was about to become America's President.

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