Who Was Walt Disney, and His Legacy?

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Walt Disney is best known as a film producer as well as an innovator of animation and themed parks.

He was nominated for 61 Oscars and seven Emmys, holding the record for most Oscar nominations.

He has won 26 Academy Awards (Oscars). This fact alone gives an idea about how outstanding his entire creation and contribution to human culture is.

Disney and his team have created some of the most famous movies in the world and some of the most famous characters, including the one that most consider his alter-ego, Mickey Mouse.

Walt Disney died of lung cancer on December 15, 1966, five years before the opening of Disneyland's megaproject, Walt Disney World in Florida. (source: Wikipedia)

He was a "heavy smoker", one of the so-called "chain smokers", from where he also generated his relentless illness. (source: Wikipedia)

Walt Disney gave us many movies, cartoons, with characters that made our childhood and our lives better. He helped amusing entire generations, and still does it today and probably always.

He changed and improved the animation industry.

He introduced advanced techniques, colorful cartoons, synchronized music, sounds, and dialogues.

Maybe one of Walt Disney's major contributions concerns the messages he sent with his films and cartoons.

He contributed to the education of millions of children in the entire world, bringing substance to their moral teaching.


Disney had a significant contribution to every children's life. He made us dream, laugh, taught us the difference between good and bad, made us dream about a better world, where everything is possible.

He exalted the world of imagination.

Made us believe in true love, in fighting evil, and that the good always triumphs.

The values and ideas taught in his movies and cartoons are an example also to grown-ups, not only to children and teenagers.

Television shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse have influenced every child in the world and will influence children of the future too.

Children learn problem-solving skills, to help others when they are facing difficulties.

All of the animations and movies that Walt Disney left behind have morals and lessons that people can learn from.

Viewers can learn from Aladdin that what's important is who a person is, and not what they have. Mulan helps improve yourself.

Finding Nemo gives you hope and teaches you to never give up even when things go wrong. (source: nhdisney. weebly.com)

Walt Disney was also an animal lover, and he had an important contribution to saving many animal's lives.

He built Disneyland in America, inventing the definition of the amusement park. Replies of Disneyland were built all over the world, bringing lots of joy to children and adults.


Most importantly, Walt Disney taught everyone that they can be free to use their imagination, and make a living out of it. Doing what you love in life, you will not be stressed about your job anymore.

You will do what's important and has a meaning to you, so your life will be much more enjoyable and will have a deep meaning and freedom. Not to speak of the fact that you might become rich, just like Walt Disney and his family.

This is another important legacy, to be considered when you seek inspiration from Walt Disney.

He left not only a spiritual but also a material legacy.

Walt Disney's creations became so famous that they brought America's name all over the world. Also, they brought one of the most important sources of the country's income.

His creations, theme parks, and workplaces bring every year more than 18 billion dollars. Not to speak of the many jobs created, voluntary work, etc.

One of America's great men, a major economic and educational source, Walt Disney taught everyone to dare to dream and to believe in one's dreams as they probably will come true.

He educated and helped grow almost every child in the world.



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