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Does anyone want to spice up your life with some "outside of the box" classic Hollywood productions?

In the past months, I watched the best movies from the Thirties and Forties, and am about to start with the Fifties, with more than the "popular" films with Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, and all the big stars.

Lots of high-quality movies, plenty of elegance, and style: in fashion, in acting, in dialogues, scenes, techniques...

Felt-hearted, interesting, intriguing stories told in a simple, yet deep style.

A plunge into a mysterious, almost unknown world, that continues to fascinate today's directors, actors, fashion creators, influencers, and many categories of artists.

In this post, I will share with you the titles of a few movies that made a greater impression on me in the past year, in no particular order.

I will be sharing my thoughts and personal views and ideas, so don't take it as expert advice, but I do recommend anyone who is seeking artistic, make-up, fashion inspiration, to see these movies.

Charlie Chaplin, the Genius of Silent Movies

I had seen Charlie Chaplin's movies many times before, so in the past months, I only saw "Modern Times", which I very much enjoyed, as one of the most famous productions of silent cinema.

I simply adore Charlie Chaplin, his style, his acting techniques.

The film is a good satire of society in past times and very actual for our society too.

Greta Garbo's "Queen Christina"

I was curious about Greta Garbo, so I watched everything I could find online.

The movie that captivated me was "Queen Christina". What an amazing lesson about a true woman's soul!

Along with "Mata Hari" and " La Dame aux Camélias", this movie is a must-see, from her vast repertoire (I've bought "Anna Karenina", for the times when I will be nostalgic about Russian literature again).

Laurence Olivier Was a Huge Actor: "Rebecca" and "Wuthering Heights"

For many years, I was curious about Laurence Olivier, as the name sounded exotic and mysterious, like a forgotten treasure chest.

My intuition was right: the man was huge. If there was ever an actor that brought building a character close to perfection, it must have been him.

I absolutely loved his interpretations in "Rebecca" and "Wuthering Heights".

Such productions, made after big novels, are a sort of a "statement", they should be on everyone's cultural horizon.

Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth
Fred Astaire in "You'll Never Get Rich", Wikimedia Commons

I didn't expect to fall in love with Fred Astaire in a platonic way. I didn't expect to admire his open character, extremely hard work, and dedication, so much.

It just happened, watching him endlessly floating on a stage, in a room full of people, or in any other space that allowed dancing.

The couples of Fred Astaire with Ginger Rogers or Rita Hayworth would have been great even on the Moon, in a space with no gravity.

And what to say of the latter "Paris when it Sizzles", featuring Fred Astaire, introducing to the modern dancing world a young, fresh, Audrey Hepburn?

Joan Fontaine, One of the Best Classic Actresses
Joan Fontaine in "Suspicion" - Wikimedia Commons

Joan Fontaine is the big discovery, she should be remembered more often.

Maybe it's because she wasn't a "symbol". She was what she was supposed to be: an amazing actress.

I only saw three of her movies, and each time was amazed by her acting skills.

Joan Fontaine was Hitchcock's favorite, and very very good in "Rebecca", "Suspicion", "Letter from an Unknown Woman", and probably all the other movies that I will see in the future.

Every actress who wants to learn how to act should absolutely consider her characters.

Hitchcock Remains Legend

From my personal point of view, there's no other like the Master of Thrillers.

Alfred Hitchcock is one of the directors who made Hollywood great, by giving birth to the mystery, noir, thriller genres.

From that period, I advise at least "Rebecca", "Rope", "Notorious", "Suspicion", "The Lady Vanishes", but please do not miss his other films, as they are all interesting and very well done, with incredible casts and plots.

The Feminine Soul explained by Katharine Hepburn

My curiosity made me see almost every Katharine Hepburn movie that I could find online.

Yes, the lady was amazing, and her movies too.

The ones that touched me the most are those that speak about women and their struggles: "Alice Adams", " Stage Door", "Holiday", but also the adorable "Bringing Up Baby", and "Philadelphia Story".

"Alice Adams" in particular, brings in discussing important issues that a young woman must face in society (I have mentioned them in previous posts).

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