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What about spending Mother's Day or any other day through a blooming of 50-acres of ranunculus flowers at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad?

The Carlsbad ranch is one of the most uniques attractions in Southern California, so going for a visit in this period of the year is something like a celebration of the upcoming spring.

This really sounds like a dream come true, for yourself, for your family, your friends, and your Instagram profile.

You don't only admire the colorful fields of flowers; you get to be part of a series of live events, such as live music (meet your favorite Broadway artists), girl scout, tea in the garden, yoga, meditation, and much more.

Contact them in advance on their site, and organize your own unique private or public event!

Plan a wedding, or anniversary, or any type of special event! Nothing could be more suitable for certain special occasions, like endless fields of flowers.

The only thing you must consider is that paradise lasts until Mother's Day, so hurry on their site to book the experience as soon as possible.

Every year, the Flower Fields in Carlsbad are open from March 1st until May 9th.
by Jill Wellington

This year, it is still the mesmerizing experience that brings visitors together, in a safe environment, keeping the safety measures on, like wearing masks and social distancing.

Also, if you want to surprise your mother or someone dear with a nice fresh gift on Mother's Day, a birthday, or a special occasion, you can find beautiful ranunculus bouquets picked right from the fields, available to order on their site.

Now, for you to be able to visualize the experience, just imagine that you are wondering in endless fields of ranunculus, better if on a sunny day. You can breathe the fresh air and all those amazing perfumes on your skin.

You capture hundreds of pictures in the poinsettia and orchid fields. You take a tractor tour around the fields, just like an experienced farmer. You enjoy the splendor of floral bands of color overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Could any Mother's Day be better than this?

And could there be a better way to start enjoying the beauty and freshness of the spring season?

Some of the landscapes you will be admiring include an American Flag of Flowers, an Antique Tractor Wagon tour, the Artist Gardens, the Orchids area, the Historic Poinsettia Display.

This year, you can also experience something new (for instance, I've never done it in my life): the Blueberry picking experience.

If this will be available, as it depends on the weather, they will let you know before or at your arrival at the gardens.

Also, you can find food vendors at the Flower Fields, where you can taste a delicious pizza and some strawberry treats, so don't take food with you, if you want to spend an entire day or an afternoon away.

On the events calendar, there are a lot of activities, like Girl scout, Zumba flower power, Bloom yoga, New Village Arts, Fern Street Circus, Photography Day, a Day with Broadway Artists, Tea Garden Party, a Dancer Revolution event, a Bach to Rock event, a Woodart Palmer Party, and many others.

So, don't forget to follow the calendar of events and book your amazing experience in the midst of the flower fields!
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A small slice of history

The Flower Fields History starts about one hundred years ago, with over 85 years of floral cultivation that began when Luther Gage, an early settler, and grower, settled in the area in the early 1920s.

Mr. Gage introduced Ranunculus seeds and began growing them, and started a business that is still flourishing today. (source:

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