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I always say: when you need to go away from a crowded place, chose an island.

It seems like the best option for a gateway plan, where you can be with your dear ones, or even to relax and to clear your mind, alone.

Martha's Vineyard is an island located in the south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts in the United States, North America, and is best known for being a good summer destination.

The Vineyard was home to one of the earliest known deaf communities in the United States: consequently, a sign language, the Martha's Vineyard Sign Language, was developed on the island (source: Wikipedia).

A study by the Martha's Vineyard Commission found that the cost of living on the island is 60 percent higher than the national average, and housing prices are 96 percent higher (source: Wikipedia).

Martha's Vineyard is the most famous and evocative island in New England.

If you want to imagine the landscape of paradise, imagine Cliffs overlooking the sea, vast expanses of beaches, poetic and remote lighthouses, fascinating fishing towns, unspoiled nature reserves, and the constant feeling of being in a sort of escape, out of the world.


In fact, on this island, the largest in New England, not only those who love to return to primordial nature will find a home, but also those who want to get away from the great American commercial giants.

So forget McDonald's and the big hotel chains, because Martha's Vineyard is banned in favor of cozy, family-run businesses (have you ever heard of New England Country Inns?), Craft shops, and taverns run by renowned chefs.

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The best ways to explore the island are by moto, bicycle, car, jeep, public transportation.

Ferry trips are also a great idea to get to the island and explore the surroundings.

Okay, so what is it that makes this island so special?

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Lobsterville Beach

Looking for a quiet destination, to relax and make your worries disappear?

This one's for you, a beach with limited parking spots, and pets-friendly.

You can enjoy a relaxing vacation in silence, do snorkeling, fishing, or simply immerse yourself in the waves.

I always think that simple ideas are the best, long-term.

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Vineyard Golf Club

Vineyard Golf Club is an experience not to miss if you are curious or longing for a golf course (this is a private club).

Long Point Wildlife Refuge

I know, you are nature lovers, so this is the best place for you to enjoy your hobbies, take better Instagram pictures, and simply breathe some good quality air.

Many rare plants are to be seen there, as long as birds, wildlife that will be a treat for observers and photographers.

Cuttyhunk Island

It is a place for refuge when you really want to be alone with your thoughts and spend some time by the beach.

Lake Tashmoo

What's more interesting to go to an island, than to get to explore a lake.

This way, you will have the double-trouble kind of adventure: seaside, and lakeside.

Make sure to bring your swimming suit to enjoy beautiful days.

Morning Glory Farm

Would like to enjoy some fresh fruit and vegetables, and generally - biological products?

Here you will have the delight of masses of herbs, squash, pumpkins, beets, grapes and flowers; eggs and meats, too, all available to buy at their farmstand.

Not to ignore the pies and cooking for sale. (theculturetrip.com)

Inkwell Beach

Also known more prosaically as Town Beach, this historic African-American summer resort community in Oak Bluffs is a picturesque public strand with a lifeguard on duty. (theculturetrip.com)

Lighthouse Beach

You cannot visit the island without visiting and getting pictures with a lighthouse.

Perfect for a romantic getaway, or to spend some time at your own pace with a beautiful book.

Source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/martha-s-vineyard-beach-cerimonia-3029962/

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