Guess the Movie: A Delicious Romantic Drama for the Weekend

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Discover this Delicious Romantic Drama for a Weekend out of the Box
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When I’m looking at this Bette Davis picture, my senses are captivated by a “gold nostalgia” perfume.

It inspires me the old charm of forgotten times, something that you had to be born with.

Bette Davis, the 2-times Award-winning Old Hollywood Diva, considered to be, after Katharine Hepburn, the second-best actress of the golden era, was born on April the 5th, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts, United States of America.

She had a career spanning more than 50 years and 100 acting credits. She was noted for playing unsympathetic, sardonic characters, and was famous for her performances in a range of film genres, from contemporary crime melodramas to historical films, suspense horror, and occasional comedies, although her greater successes were in romantic dramas. (source: Wikipedia)

Looking carefully at the upper picture, her face never loosed that special mysterious charm: it's a secret recipient, full of stories and mysteries of a beautiful though complex actress and woman's soul.

That’s also what today's movie is about. The intricate secrets of feminine nature.

I must admit that so far I have seen about 3 films starring the charming Bette Davis, and I only liked one.

This one.

I obviously have a lot missing from her film career, so I would be grateful if one of you writers and followers could do a top with her best movies to watch even in the XXIst Century.

Today, I want to play our little game, which I saw you enjoyed the other time: guess the romantic drama to see this weekend with your dear ones, while you relax in bed with your favorite hot chocolate.

(Even if it’s a natural diet supplement, like in my case, to help me lose pounds and try to come as close as possible to Betty Davis’s silhouette in the Fourties).

If I can manage to lose about 20 kg, I am good to go, enter right on Hollywood’s main door.

(this is another issue for me: how were they managing to stay so thin? and what was their life really like?)

Now that I've made you curious, here are the main clues for today’s romance movie, that you will very much enjoy, I promise:

  • She plays twin sisters, with opposite characters
  • One sister tries to steal the man of the other
  • It’s a sort of a twin sister drama, but very pleasant and authentic
  • for a while, one sister takes the place of the other, struggling between her conscience and her need for love
  • this movie is something you won’t ever see in our days, a forgotten gem only for sensible hearts who like the real, true taste of a good-made and good-written romance the way they knew how to make them in the old times.
  • picture from the movie:
Wikimedia Commons

I highly recommend seeing this movie, as it presents a dilemma in anyone’s life: should I or should I not steal my sister’s happiness, when it’s so easy?

Bette Davis does one of her best roles in this movie, so I would go right on Netflix or the Internet if I were you. This story is, how can I say, something else.

It somehow remains with you for a lifetime, and from time to time, you feel the need to go back there, see what happened, analyze one more time what you would have done if you were to be put in such a difficult situation.

I find it a touching, memorable story, full of life lessons, suitable for any woman who wants to get wiser, in any generation.

All twins out there, girls who lived similar situations like in the movie: guess the title, search the movie, and share your opinions in the comments below.

Bonne Vision!

(Yor Artistic Soul)
Bette Davis in 1933, Photo of Bette Davis. Warner Bros. Public Domain (Wikimedia Commons)

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