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Instagram Pictures at the Mansions of the Super-Rich in Newport, Rhode Island

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photo: Newport, Rhode Island, courtesy of Pixabay

The Gilded Age in America is generally accepted as the period between 1870 and about 1900.

It was a period of general economical wealth, "some of the greatest accumulations of wealth ever known", where some of the oldest and reachest families competed to show their status and fabulous wealth. (cited source:

This competition was more visible in the splendid mansions from Newport, Rhode Island.

photo: Kristina Delp, The Breakers Mansion, Ochre Point Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

The originally called "cottages" -- were built as holiday homes by wealthy people of New York and Philadelphia.

About 9 spectacular mansions are dotting Bellevue Avenue and one on Ochre Point in Newport. (

You can buy tickets to visit them, as a way to preserve their historic and cultural inheritance.

You can go on regular tours of the Newport mansions in Rhode Island throughout the year, where you will find out plenty of things about the history of these amazing houses, along with the people who built and populated them in America's past.

This is a fine and pleasant way to learn about your historical roots while doing a trip to some stunning locations.

A visit to the Newport mansions will provide a provoking peek into the lives of the characters that personified the Gilded Age. (

When the Covid restrictions allow it, special events happen in these particular mansions, as parties, balls, and performances.

So, make sure to stay informed about them, as soon as they will happen again: being part of something like that must be a wonderful lifetime experience.

The magnificent Newport Flower Show takes place yearly at Roseclilff. (

An even better idea is to combine the tour of the Gilded Age mansions with a trip to Boston, which is about one hour away.

The famous mansions were also used many times for Cinema filming, and are a great environment for Youtubers, Instagrammers, Influencers, and any other creator out there.

The mansions and the entire area will provide great inspiration, as the pictures you will shoot will be lifetime worth it.

Just think how amazing your outfit would look, in front of such a beautiful and historic house.

Hollywood saw very well the potential of this place, and used it to film memorable productions.

In the Marble House, for instance, (entirely made of marble as its name says) was filmed The Great Gatsby (1974), the version with Robert Redford.

Other famous movies that you probably have seen (or will do): Moonrise Kingdom, 27 Dresses, Me, Myself & Irene, True Lies, Mr. North, Heaven’s Gate, Lolita, High Society. (source:

photo: Luigi Crosti, courtesy of Pixabay

Newport is a seaside city in Newport County, Rhode Island. It was founded in the XVIIth Century, by the British, later- some Portuguese communities were established there, starting a flourishing civilization. (Source: Wikipedia)

photo: Newport, RI- photo courtesy Michael Denning

It is located approximately near Boston and York City. It was a major 18th-century port city and also contains a high number of buildings from the Colonial era. (Source: Wikipedia)

It is known as a New England summer resort and is famous for its historic mansions and its rich sailing history. (Source: Wikipedia)

It was the location of the first U.S. Open tournaments in both tennis and golf, as well as every challenge to America's Cup between 1930 and 1983. It is also the home of Salve Regina University and Naval Station Newport, which houses the United States Naval War College, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and an important Navy training center. (Source: Wikipedia)

photo: Newport Yachts, courtesy of Pixabay

photo: Rhode Island Ocean, courtesy of Pixabay

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